Call for Delegate: Water for Life Implementation Review Committee

ENGO Sector Member
Water for Life Implementation Review Committee
Application Deadline: 
14 Feb 2019

One of the Alberta Water Council (AWC)’s primary goals is to periodically review and provide advice on the implementation progress of Water for Life. The AWC has achieved this through the work of a  standing committee, which convenes every few years to review progress and provide strategic,  directional advice to AWC members. Since 2008, the committee has operated under a standing Terms  of Reference and companion “how-to” guide (see below). Five reviews have been completed to date  with the last review covering 2012 to 2015.

During the last review, the committee noted a need to revisit the approach, particularly how the  information is gathered, what advice emerges from the review, and how this advice is incorporated in  decision-making. The approach needs to be updated to reflect how Water for Life is administered by  the Government of Alberta and the roles of new and emerging groups in the water management  system. The committee highlighted the importance of developing and monitoring performance  metrics for Water for Life goals. Echoing this, the AWC significantly updated the three strategies  associated with the Water for Life implementation review in its 2019–2021 Business Plan to reflect  more current needs:

  • identify and develop metrics for advancing Water for Life goals
  • identify gaps in implementation of the Water for Life strategy
  • prioritize actions and identify roles and responsibilities for achieving the outcomes of Water for Life

The last review report was released in 2017 and it is time to begin this important process again. At  their last meeting, the AWC board approved reconvening this committee for providing direction to  revisit the process, including revising the standing Terms of Reference and “How- To” Guide (see attachments), and consider how the committee’s work can support achieving goal one of the AWC’s 2019–  2021 Business Plan, and address any outstanding concerns from the previous review. Details on each  of the initiatives, including the expectations of the representatives and commitment required for each  are below.

For more information, see the AWC Call for Members which includes the Terms of  Reference and “How-To” Guide. The Committee’s tasks may include revising both of these  documents.

Expectations of Representative: 

  • Come prepared for meetings, (i.e., reading pre-meeting material, completing homework  assignments and being able to negotiate on behalf of the ENGO sector).
  • Represent the interests of the ENGO sector while working creatively and constructively to advance  the goals and objectives of the Committee.
  • Follow the rules and principles of consensus decision-making.
  • Report regularly to the AEN Water Caucus including participation in AEN conference calls &  meetings, and providing periodic written briefs.
  • Brief their sector’s Director and Alternate regularly, including prior to the team’s report and  recommendations being presented to the Board.
  • As appropriate, participate in briefing Directors and Alternates in their broad category.
  • Conduct themselves in accordance with the AEN Code of Ethics & Conduct.
Time Commitment: 

The group will convene 12 to 14 full-day meetings over approximately 18 months, with a few hours between meetings to review and comment on materials.

Expenses & Honoraria: 

Honoraria and reimbursement of travel expenses are available in accordance with the AWC stakeholder support policy.

Selection Criteria: 

In addition to being able to meet the aforementioned time commitment and expectations, the delegate should also have the following attributes:

  • Preferably an AWC Director or Alternate;
  • Knowledge and experience of the Water for Life Strategy, and the implementation measures undertaken by the Government of Alberta;
  • Knowledge of the work of previous Water for Life Implementation Review Committee’s is an asset;
  • Record of effective participation in AWC Teams & Committees, or other consensus-based multistakeholder processes;
  • Support and endorsement of an environmental non-governmental organization active in Alberta with a demonstrated commitment to the environmental stewardship and protection of Alberta’s water, and aquatic ecosystems.
Application Instructions: 

Please apply to [email protected] by Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 5:00 PM. Your your Expression of Interest should include:

  • Contact information of applicant (including address, email, and phone number);
  • Contact information of the organization endorsing the applicant; and
  • A brief description of the applicant’s background and abilities, particularly those relevant to the selection criteria.

NOTE: Delegates may include a resume as additional information but not in the place of the other information requested.