Alberta ENGOs Strategic Engagement with Alberta Energy Regulator

Up to twelve (12) Alberta ENGOs
Alberta ENGOs Strategic Engagement with Alberta Energy Regulator
Application Deadline: 
12 Feb 2016

The AER is single regulator of energy development in Alberta—from application and exploration, to construction and development, to abandonment, reclamation, and remediation. This responsibility includes environmental elements related to energy development that were previously held by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD).

The AER has been working to create a 3 year strategic environmental work plan for this new responsibility. The Pembina Institute is facilitating this strategic engagement with the AER which will include a pre-workshop meeting in Edmonton with Alberta ENGOs in late February, followed by a workshop with the AER in the middle of March (details below).

Ideally, any interested AB ENGOs will participate in both meetings: the first meeting is open to all Alberta ENGOs in good standing with the AEN, with the following AER workshop only open to those ENGOs that participated in pre-workshop meeting.

First Workshop—Alberta ENGOs (February tbd)

The goal of the workshop is to have Alberta ENGOs work together to identify the key environmental priorities that the AER should be addressing in the next 3 years. The scope of this review will include issues within the AER’s direct control; the AER is involved in and can influence; and that affects the AER but not within their direct influence.

This information will be summarized in a short summary memo which will be provided to the AER and the AEN in advance of the AEN-AER workshop.

Doodle poll for pre-workshop meeting:

Second Workshop—AER-AEN (March tbd)

The second workshop is an opportunity to discuss key environmental priorities for the AER with Dr. Monique Dube, Chief Environmental Scientist for the AER.  Dr. Dube will roll out the AERs Environmental Strategy and discuss key areas of alignment, as well as additional opportunities from the perspective of AEN members.

Dates to be determined with a doodle poll sent out to those ENGOs that express interest in participating in meetings.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Nikki Way ([email protected]).

Expenses & Honoraria: 

AEN participants will be able to have costs reimbursed as per the AER-AEN agreement for travel, expenses, and honorarium for participating in half-day workshops:

  • Meeting Attendance Honorarium: $125/half day;
  • Prep & Followup: $106 preparation time & $106 followup time per meeting (if required);
  • Transportation: Airfare, busfare, or private vehicle mileage ($0.505/km);
  • Travel Time: $30/hour;
  • Meal Allowance: $41/day maximum (with receipts);
  • Overnight Accommodation: $220/night maximum (one night for each day of meetings).
Application Instructions: 

Please email Nikki Way ([email protected]) to confirm your participation by Friday, February 12 and please fill in the Doodle polls with your availability (see above) for the workshops.

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