World Water Monitoring Day


Members of the Alberta Environmental Network might be interested to learn about an international public education and outreach program organized annually by the Water Environment Federation and International Water Association.  The program is called World Water Monitoring Day, and it encourages people all around the world to get more personally connected to their local waterways through basic water quality monitoring.

Using a simple test kit, people test their water for four of the key water quality indicators—temperature, turbidity, pH, and dissolved oxygen.  They then report their data online where it is shared with the world via an interactive data map.  In 2010, we had over 200,000 people participate in monitoring, and data was reported from more than 6,000 sites in 85 countries!

In 2010, data was reported from only 17 sites in Canada—we would love to see this number grow and see more people monitoring their waterways throughout the country.  It would be fantastic if members of the Alberta Environmental Network could help us achieve this goal by participating in the program, spreading word about the program to their individual members, or even partnering with us.  More information is available in the form of test kits and some of our free resource materials.

For more information about World Water Monitoring Day browse our website at

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