Wildlands Advocate -- December 2004

The December 2004 issue of Wild Lands Advocate
is now available at www.AlbertaWilderness.ca

Inside this Issue:

Coal Bed Methane Comes to Rumsey:
Can Alberta's Best Aspen Parkland Protected Area Survive?
By Dr. Shirley Bray

Triumph of the Commons:
The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
By Dr. Valerius Geist

Alberta Wilderness Watch

  • New Report: Primrose-Lakeland Worthy of Protection
    by Dr. Ian Urquhart

  • Forest Succession on Seismic Lines, Wellsites and Roads
    by Mark Sherrington

  • Orloff-Otter Wildland Park a Playground for ATVs

  • Discovery Whooping Crane Nesting Ground
    by Dr. Bill Fuller

  • Balancing Act in Kananaskis Detriment to Wilderness

  • Environmental Group's Appeal of Water Licence Decision

  • Livingstone Motocross Crosses the Line

  • Alberta Caribou Population Faces Grim Future

  • Grizzly Recovery Plan

  • Castle Wilderness Needs Everyone's Focus

  • Artist Profile: Mike Judd

Association News

  • Annual Lecture and Awards

  • AWA Gala 2004

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Open House Talks Program

  • Climb For Wilderness