Wild Lands Advocate February 2011, Vol. 19 No. 1

The latest issue of the Wildlands Advocate is now available from the Alberta Wilderness Association website.


  • Board Thoughts About Parks
  • Everyone Belongs Outside. Inclusion Belongs in Parks.
  • Downhill! Jasper Wilderness Valley Threatened
  • Temporary Reprieve for Alberta Parks – Will the Bill 29 Battle Need to be Fought Again?

Association News

  • The 2010 Martha Kostuch Lecture: Thucydides, Grant MacEwan and Cliff Wallis: Environmental Citizenship in a Hostile Jurisdiction
  • Great Gray Owl Award
  • Earth Day 2011 – The 20th Anniversary of AWA's Climb and Run for Wilderness

Wilderness Watch

  • Updates


  • Recall of the Wild
  • Gear
  • Reader's Corner
  • Letters to the Editor

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