The Water Log — Thank water this season

This festive season while you are enjoying your Christmas tree, festive drinks, and scrumptious meals, please remember the substance that makes them all possible — water!

To keep water protected in Alberta, we hope you'll consider making a donation to Water Matters.

Of course water is important to us all year long. It's what we drink. It's also a part of virtually every product we buy, and all the food we eat every day. Clean, abundant water is so much a part of our daily lives that we can take it for granted sometimes.

Water Matters is working to protect water for everyone. It is what we do every day. Please consider making a donation to Water Matters. Financial support from people like you helps us bring you the Water Log as well as supporting our other work.

As a reader of the Water Log, you know we brought dozens of articles to you helping you to keep in touch with key water issues in Alberta. Putting the Water Log together is hard work and your support enables us to bring this information to you.

We cover key issues on a monthly basis such as the Land-use Framework, water consumption, Alberta's water market, oil sands impacts to water, and fish protection. We also profile some of Alberta's water leaders and look into issues people simply want to learn more about — in 2009, that led to stories about endocrine disruptors and groundwater.

At Water Matters we work for people and the web of life that depends on clean abundant water supplies. This holiday you can take action by lending us your support. Any amount is appreciated. We are a member of Canada Helps. In the comfort of your home, you can make your contribution online through a secure server.

Thank you for your continued interest and support! We wish you a safe, joyful holiday season in the company of those dear to you.

For water, and the people and life that depend on it,

Danielle Droitsch and the Water Matters Staff