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March 3rd, 2010

RCEN Corporate Social Responsibility Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

From March 3-4, the RCEN will be coordinating a multi-stakeholder dialogue on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Ottawa. In addition to the one-day dialogue, this project will help create a discussion paper on CSR in the extractive sector from a Canadian ENGO perspective. It will also permit members of our International Program Caucus to meet in order to develop a Canadian ENGO approach to promoting CSR to support sustainable livelihoods. More

Youth Caucus Announces New Mission and Mandate

The RCEN Youth Caucus is happy to announce its new mission and mandate, as chosen by members of its steering committee and other youth involved in the caucus' activities. The new mission is to support Canadian youth by facilitating and promoting opportunities for them to meaningfully engage in environmental and sustainability initiatives.

The caucus has also released its Youth Mini-Consultation Report, which identifies the strengths and areas for improvement in the national youth environmental movement. Read the Report

Biodiversity Hotspot: Phytoplankton! The Foundation of the Ocean Food Chain

Marine phytoplankton are tiny unicellular marine creatures, of which there are about 5000 different species. Like plants, they use photosynthesis and minerals dissolved in the water to produce energy. Each individual phytoplankton is too small to be seen with the human eye but together they form blooms visible from space. More


RCEN 2010 Annual Conference

“Conserving Biodiversity Pays: The Values of Ecosystem Services”

September 17-19, Montreal, QC

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