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February 17th, 2010

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Biodiversity Hotspots: Graveyard of the North Atlantic… or not?

Sable Island, a remote sandbar island 150km off the Nova Scotian Coast, has been dubbed the “graveyard of the North Atlantic” because of the over 350 shipwrecks it has caused. While humans and some of our favourite furry mammals have not had much luck living on the island, it is home to 17 plant species and 600 invertebrates! Read more

RCEN 2010 Annual Conference

“Conserving Biodiversity Pays: The Values of Ecosystem Services”
September 17-19, Montreal, QC

This Week's Headlines


Calls for Delegates

Seeking ENGO Participation in International Biodiversity Day Activities

ENGO Participation in the Food Regulatory Advisory Committee

Parks Canada’s National Assessment of Mountain Biking

Calls for Participation

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Review

CSD Outreach Session on Transport, Chemicals, Waste Management, Mining and SCP


Green Budget Coalition Prioritizes 3 Budget Actions

Delegate Selection – Researcher-Writer and Editor for a CSD ENGO Priorities Paper

Delegate Selection - Renewal of the Federal Agenda for the Reduction of VOCs from Consumer and Commercial Products


Docs Talk: A blog on your health and the environment

Canadian School Eco-Fundraising Program

New Report on “The Challenges of Environmental Mainstreaming”

Ideal North’s Online ENGO Donation Program


Start Organizing for the 2012 Earth Summit


ForestEthics – Climate Director

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