Auditor General Looks at the Management of Alberta's Water Supply

The Environmental Law Centre's Laura Bowman posts a brief on the Auditor General of Albera's recently released review of Alberta Environment's managment of the water supply.

Among other items, the Auditor General concluded in the April 2010 report that one of Alberta Environment’s weaknesses is compliance. It was noted that although there are many known cases of non-compliance with Water Act authorizations, these are not acted upon by approval authorities. The report also noted that without adequate monitoring of activities in the field, Environment cannot assess the level of non-compliance with Water Act authorizations.

She concludes…

Alberta needs to move ahead with a plan for aquatic habitat that first and foremost protects aquatic ecosystems from degradation. Prioritization of aquatic systems, allowing some classes of wetland to be destroyed with minor compensation and permitting irreversible damage to all classes of wetland, flies in the face of an ecosystem approach to environmental management.

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