Alberta Land-use Planning Legislation Introduced

Since the release of the Draft Land-use Framework (LUF) in May 2008 several parallel processes have been taking place to advance the LUF from a policy initiative into a functioning land use management framework.

A collaborative of over ten non-government organizations across the province has coordinated efforts to shape these processes and will continue to do. Visit Alberta by Design or our member sites for updates. 

1. Alberta Land-use Planning Legislation Introduced

New legislation is a big step forward but leaves much to Cabinet's discretion

On April 28th, the Alberta government tabled the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA), Bill 36. The bill is a step toward the system of land-use planning promised by Alberta's Land-use Framework. The bill empowers the provincial government with new powers to guide regional land-use planning - a step away from conflicting decision-making bodies and the dominance of municipal planning on the landscape. Key amendments, however, will be required to make the ALSA effective.

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2. Sub-regional land-use planning rolls out in Calgary and Edmonton metropolitan areas

As Alberta's Land Use Framework begins with regional plans in the Lower Athabasca and South Saskatchewan regions, sub-regional planning for the Edmonton and Calgary areas are already out of the gate. However, the Capital Region Integrated Growth Management Board and the Calgary Regional Partnership have taken different paths to reach their current status.

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