Action Alert: The Trans-Canada Twinning Plan for Banff National Park

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Calgary/Banff Chapter

To its credit, Parks Canada has arrived at a plan for the further
twinning and improvement of the Trans-Canada Highway that we at CPAWS
feel we can support. The plan includes provisions for highway fencing
and the construction of a series of 18 wildlife crossing structures
designed and located as prescribed by good-quality science.

There are, however, several within the commercial community in Banff
National Park who are publicly voicing their reservations about the
environmental aspects of the plan. These dissenters have suggested that
money spent on wildlife comes at the expense of people, though it is
clear on the face of the plan that that is not so.

It is very important that those of us who believe in the mandate of
Parks Canada to "maintain or restore the ecological integrity" of Banff
and our other National Parks to raise our voices in support of the
proposed plan. For more on details and background on this issue, and
what you can do to help please see the CPAWS Calgary/Banff website at

There is a tight timeline on the decision on the plan, so please take
few minutes to take action today.

Dave Poulton, Executive Director
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Calgary/Banff Chapter
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