The Alberta Environmental Network relies on supporters like you. Your donation will be used for our active projects and to:

  • Continue to build and foster impact-oriented working groups
  • Nurture relationships with government decision makers
  • Deliver opportunities for people, groups and businesses to make an impact and protect Alberta’s environment

About the Alberta Environmental Network

We Connect

The Alberta Environmental Network connects concerns with solutions. We bring together people and groups around the province to collaborate on shared goals.

We Mobilize

Our voices make a difference together. The Alberta Environmental Network supports grassroots action to generate momentum on the issues that matter most.

We Make an Impact

Together with people and groups from around Alberta, we continue to move the needle on projects to address environmental issues with hope, strategy and impact.

What we are working on

The projects of the Alberta Environmental Network address the concerns that we hear the most. From on-the-ground advocacy to strategic collaboration, the tools are adapted for each project.

Collaborating on climate action

Climate solutions exist, so Drawdown Alberta brings people of all ages, backgrounds and interests together to help move climate solutions forward.

Advancing the energy transition

The Energy Transition Coalition brings together Alberta groups, communities and people who will work together to advance a just transition in Alberta.

Protecting Alberta’s parks

With operations and campaign support from the Alberta Environmental Network, Defend Alberta Parks became the most recognized movement in decades.

Moving Alberta beyond coal

A new policy is under development to manage coal development in the province, and Alberta Beyond Coal is connecting and amplifying voices to ensure the policy is a legacy for the next generation.

Advocating for clean water and air

Many environmental groups are focused on protecting water and air, so the Water, Clean Air and Oil Sands Monitoring working groups enable collaboration, information sharing and joint action.

Amplifying voices

When there are opportunities for consultation, engagement or representation, we invite people and local groups to have their voice heard.

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