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Park expansion in northeast Alberta adds almost 150,000 hectares of habitat protection for woodland caribou and wood bison

EDMONTON, AB – A significant expansion to the Kitaskino Nuwenëné Wildland Park, first established in 2019, was announced by the Government of Alberta. The proposed expansion has been tirelessly pursued by the Mikisew Cree First Nation, who have strong cultural ties to the area and the animals that depend on it. “Kitaskino Nuwenëné” is Cree and Dene for “our land” and reflects the intention of this protected area to safeguard Indigenous Peoples’ way of life. Read More

The Promise and the Ambiguity in Reinstating the 1976 Coal Policy

Few governments and politicians are willing to admit their mistakes. So it was good today to hear Energy Minister Savage say it’s important for a responsible government to “admit when you’ve made a mistake and to fix it. And that’s what we are doing here today.” AWA thanks Minister Savage for taking the podium to admit her government’s mistake in rescinding the 1976 Coal Policy and to declare that “Alberta’s government will reinstate the full 1976 Coal Policy.” Read More

Stop Work, Consult: Alberta Needs Public Hearings on the Future of Alberta’s Eastern Slopes

Last week, Premier Kenney’s Director of Strategic Planning was reported to have written that some of the strip-mining restrictions in the 1976 Coal Policy “will be restored.” Alberta Wilderness Association wants to be encouraged by this news. AWA hopes the firestorm of opposition the Kenney government has faced over rescinding that policy has convinced the government to restore restrictions. To that end, the Energy Minister should: Read More

Recreational Users and Conservationists Come Together to Protect Tonquin Caribou in Jasper National Park

EDMONTON, AB – Caribou in Jasper National Park are on the brink of extinction. Backcountry and conservation groups are calling on Parks Canada to reduce human access impacts to the Tonquin caribou, the largest herd left. The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA), Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Northern Alberta Chapter, David Suzuki Foundation and Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) are urging Parks Canada to: Read More

Cancelling Leases, Pausing Lease Sales in Category 2 Lands – A Good First Step

Yesterday, Energy Minister Sonya Savage delivered a small, but important, reward to the thousands of Albertans and Canadians who have objected to the provincial government’s unilateral decision to revoke the 1976 Coal Policy. She announced that 11 leases sold in December would be cancelled. She also announced a “pause” in offering more lease parcels for sale in the Coal Policy’s Category 2 lands. Read More

Revoking the Coal Policy – Taking Alberta to Court

Alberta’s Minister of Energy was well aware that, when she revoked Alberta’s 1976 Coal Policy, she did so despite the fact that several government commitments to land-use planning would not be fulfilled. Confidential departmental advice given to Energy Minister Savage in March 2020 outlines this unmistakably. Read More

CPAWS celebrates Canada’s nearly $60 million commitment to Wood Buffalo National Park

EDMONTON, AB – Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, has announced a $59.9 million funding commitment for the implementation of Wood Buffalo National Park’s Action Plan over the next three years. This funding is in addition to a previous federal investment of $27.5 million from 2018 for the park’s Action Plan, which was developed to address serious concerns with the ecological degradation of this World Heritage Site. CPAWS Northern Alberta welcomes this exciting announcement of continued investment in the future of Canada’s largest national park. Read More


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