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Ecojustice in court to fight Coalspur Mines’ attempt to expand Vista thermal coal mine without federal impact assessment

CALGARY/TERRITORIES OF THE BLACKFOOT AND PEOPLES OF TREATIES 6 AND 7, HOME TO MÉTIS NATION OF ALBERTA, REGION III – Ecojustice is in court today and tomorrow on behalf of Keepers of the Water, Keepers of the Athabasca, and the West Athabasca Watershed Bioregional Society to fight against Coalspur Mines (Operations) Ltd’s attempt to overturn the designation of the Vista thermal coal mine expansion project for a federal impact assessment. Read More

Helping Jasper’s Caribou to Survive Needs More than Conservation Breeding

Jasper National Park has released a report from an expert scientific review about whether conservation breeding can recover Jasper’s critically low numbers of caribou. Jasper has also announced it will review caribou habitat winter access for 2021-22 to ensure Parks Canada’s efforts are focused “on what is most effective”. Read More

Jasper National Park moves toward caribou breeding program, but still needs to address existing backcountry threats

Edmonton – Jasper National Park has found strong scientific support for using a conservation breeding program to boost woodland caribou numbers inside the park. A new report has been released that summarizes an independent review of the proposed breeding program, with agreement from a panel of experts that urgent help is needed to return caribou herds to self-sustaining sizes.  Read More

Financially-Troubled Atrum Coal to Present to High River Town Council

Atrum Coal, the financially-troubled Australian proponent of the Elan open-pit coal mining project in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes, takes its promotional pitch to High River Town Council later today. Since Alberta reinstated the 1976 Coal Policy, investors on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) have pummeled this penny stock. Read More

$90 Vehicle Fee for Kananaskis – A Multi-million Dollar Cash Grab That Will Deter Visitors

The Globe and Mail’s Emma Graney reported earlier today that Alberta will impose a $90 annual fee for vehicles entering Kananaskis Country. Since last year AWA has warned Albertans of Minister Nixon’s intent to shift the financing of parks and protected areas onto user fees and away from general tax revenues. This announcement, coupled with the new public lands camping pass, is just further evidence of the UCP government’s commitment to the user fee model for funding parks. Read More

Proposed Kananaskis fee must result in increased environmental protections and services that benefit Albertans and nature. 

Today the Government of Alberta announced they will be implementing a “Conservation Pass” user fee for the Kananaskis region. The revenue generated from the $90/year vehicle fee will be allocated towards increased staffing and capital infrastructure spending.  

We recognize the need for sustained funding for recreation, conservation, and related infrastructure to support healthy communities and healthy economies. However, funding mechanisms should not rely on a user-pay model.  

User fees must be thoughtfully implemented.  Read More

Government halts some coal exploration during ongoing consultation: positive momentum that needs to keep going 

CPAWS Southern and Northern Alberta Chapters are happy to hear that more than 25,000 Albertans participated in the initial Coal Policy Engagement consultation and that it will help shape the next stage of consultation. Alberta’s foothills and Rocky Mountains are special places beloved by Albertans and are a large part of what draws people to live, work, and play in our province. It is clear that Albertans are incredibly invested in the protection of this landscape and the development of a new policy for this region. We encourage people to continue to stay engaged on this issue.  Read More

The Coal Consultation Update: Some Good News… But the Cart is Still Before the Horse

Energy Minister Sonya Savage delivered some good news in her April 23, 2021 coal consultation update: all coal exploration projects in Category 2 lands in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes must halt immediately. AWA welcomes the Minister’s decision to eliminate the immediate threat to landscapes and wildlife that could have resulted from the activities of Cabin Ridge and Valory Resources on Category 2 lands. Read More

Civil Society Reacts to Canada’s Newly Announced Federal Climate Target

Unceded Algonquin Anishinaabe Territories (OTTAWA), April 22, 2021 – This morning during the opening plenary of President Biden’s Leaders’ Summit on Climate, Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canada’s new 40-45% climate target range. This target marks an increase in ambition, up from the nation’s previously stated target window of 31-40% as announced in December 2020’s Healthy Environment Healthy Economy Plan. Read More


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