Power to the People ()

Power to the People is a television documentary series exploring how Indigenous people, values and wisdom are guiding the way to a sustainable, clean energy future. In each episode you’ll visit an Indigenous community, explore the inspired energy initiatives they are developing, and see how they’re empowering themselves and their way of life. Read More

Assessing Political Pathways for Energy Transition (Future Energy Systems)

Assessing Political Pathways for Energy Transition seeks to identify how best to navigate democratic constraints on policy-making by developing an integrated assessment of how public and elite opinion shape policy decisions on energy innovation. This enables the generation of data-driven insights into the political risks associated with various energy transition paths and could help policy makers identify possible policy win-sets for other scholars engaged in CFREF projects. Read More

The Possibility Panel (The Next 30)

The Possibility Panel is the result of gathering a group of leaders from various communities across Alberta, which set out to engage with Albertans to explore questions and themes critical to our future success as a province. After nine public engagement sessions, a resulting report entitled “It’s Possible Alberta” was compiled that explores attracting and retaining talent; truth, reconciliation, and Indigenous opportunity; energy and climate; economic diversification; the provincial budget; building an inclusive social fabric; and health and wellness. Read More


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