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Members of the Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment Working Group are drawn from a diverse range of organizations within the healthcare sector. These organizations represent nursing, pharmacy, medicine, public health, health-related charities, and allied health professions and workers. Comprised of dedicated health and healthcare professionals, academics, and subject matter experts, AHPE brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this much needed space. Read More

For Practitioners

As health professionals, we have a unique opportunity to influence both individual health outcomes and broader environmental sustainability efforts. The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN), which links Alberta based organizations committed to preserving and protecting the environment, has formed a planetary health working group – “Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment (AHPE)” – to help mobilize and coordinate the health sector towards addressing environmental risks to planetary health, including the health of humans and all species. Read More

For Patients & the General Public

What We Offer:

  • Resource Database: Access a wealth of information on how environmental factors can impact your health, that of future generations and the planet including short summaries, posters, links to credible articles, guides, and more. AHPE resources focus on what you can do!
  • Downloadable Materials: Download brochures and materials covering a range of topics related to environmental health, wellness, and sustainability.

Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment Working Group

Currently the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution is believed to be the greatest long-term threat to humans and other life forms on Earth. 

“Climate change is the greatest global health threat facing the world in the 21st century”
– The Lancet countdown on climate change. Nov 5 2022.

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