Action Alert: Proposed Establishment of Hunting Sandhill Cranes in Alberta

18 Jan 2020 to 16 Feb 2020

From the AWA website:

The Canadian Wildlife Service is proposing to amend the Migratory Bird Regulations to include a Sandhill crane hunt within the province of Alberta. AWA does not support this proposed amendment as there is no definitive scientific evidence to demonstrate that this hunt would be sustainable, and not negatively impact the Sandhill crane population in the long-term. AWA has also expressed concern over the potential risk this hunt could have on Whooping cranes; the eastern flyway is used by both crane species, which could increase the risk of misidentification by hunters to Whooping cranes.

AWA’s letter to the Canadian Wildlife Service is posted here.

Take Action

Write the Canadian Wildlife Service at [email protected] to let them know what you think about the proposed amendments. The deadline for comments is Sunday, February 16, 2020.

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