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The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.

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Connecting Alberta’s environmental groups

We are a network of individuals and groups working together on shared concerns. AEN members include individuals and representatives from member groups that connect, collaborate and share information.

The AEN is a link between the environmental community and government, industry, the media and all Albertans. View our current member groups.

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Albertans and environmental groups are welcome to join the AEN as members – there are memberships for both individuals and groups. Members contribute to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment by sharing information and collaborating on shared issues. Learn more about becoming a member of the AEN.

The AEN supports an inclusive and diverse environmental community for all Albertans. 

Report: Renewable Energy Partnerships and Project Economics

Research supporting Indigenous–utility partnerships and power purchase agreements

From the Pembina Institute website:

This report, funded by both the Pembina Foundation and Canada’s Mitacs Accelerate Program, examines strategies for enhancing collaboration and partnership between Indigenous power proponents and utilities and territorial / federal governments. The research is focused on remote Indigenous communities in the three territories. It highlights significant barriers that restrict meaningful and respectful partnerships, are delaying and blocking Independent power production policies and are impeding fair power purchase rates. It suggests solutions for supporting Indigenous-led renewable energy projects and shifting the paradigm so that Indigenous communities, businesses and governments have more prospects to explore and development renewable energy projects on their lands. Read More

AEN Fall Assembly Featured Speaker: Dr. Duane Bratt

AEN is pleased to welcome Dr. Duane Bratt to the Fall Assembly as the featured speaker for Friday afternoon's discussion of the Political Climate in Alberta and potential scenarios for ENGOs. Dr. Bratt is a regular commentator in the media on Alberta political affairs. His latest opinion piece on CBC Calgary speaks about UCP leader Jason Kenney's promises to "fight back" against ENGOs and other criticis of Alberta's energy sector. Read More

Next Up Calgary Fall Workshop Series: Leading Together

Next Up now accepting applications for its upcoming 3-day workshop

From Next Up Calgary:

Next Up Calgary is launching a new series of workshops on November 6, 7 & 10. They are replacing our 7 month long weekly leadership program. The new workshop series will cover the same core concepts, content and skills as our original program. We'll have deeper connections to communities, active facilitation and use this to support intentional solidarity with Calgary's progressive communities and leaders. Over the next 8 months we'll be holding 6 workshops, each will be a stand alone 3 day series, and all will have a specified theme. All the workshops are open to those between 18 and 32.  Read More

Report: The Economic Impact of Restoring Woodland Caribou Habitat in the Bistcho and Yates Ranges in Northwestern Alberta

From the Alberta Wilderness Association website:

The following report by eminent natural resource economist Dr. Thomas Michael Power found that managing lands for woodland caribou recovery can grow the economy in the Bistcho-Yates caribou range lands of northwest Alberta. The October 2018 report was commissioned by Alberta Wilderness Association, David Suzuki Foundation and Harmony Foundation to evaluate a caribou restoration economy.

Download the full report here: Read More


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