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The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.

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Sierra Club of Canada and Edmonton Transit System Launch Steer Clear…Go Your Own Way program

Sierra Club of Canada - Prairie Chapter
Edmonton Transit System

June 6, 2005

For immediate release

Edmonton - Through a multifaceted social marketing based campaign Sierra Club of Canada and Edmonton Transit System will launch the second phase of Steer Clear Go Your Own Way during National Environment Week (June 6 – 10th, 2005). Funded by Environment Canada’s EcoAction Funding program, Steer Clear is a campaign that will focus on assisting Government of Alberta employees within Alberta Environment and Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation on their way to environmentally friendly commuting. Read more about Sierra Club of Canada and Edmonton Transit System Launch Steer Clear…Go Your Own Way program

Activists Block Global Forest and Paper Summit: Activist's life hanged in balance

Environmental Direct Action Network

Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina (west Georgia and Cardero)

Vancouver, BC - While 60 corporate CEO's and over 400 executives from some of the world's largest logging companies meet behind closed doors to divide up the worlds last remaining forests and plot to increase consumption activists will give their own message outside the meeting of the Global Forest and Paper Summit. Members of the newly formed Vancouver Environmental Direct Action Network (VEDAN), a international coalition of members of the Pagan Cluster, the Environmental Direct Action Network, and others, set up a structure and suspended a woman over 35 feet in the air in an attempt to send delegates a very clear message. Read more about Activists Block Global Forest and Paper Summit: Activist's life hanged in balance

Well-known conservationist Andy Russell dies

CBC Radio, June 2

We will certainly miss him -- our wilderness elder.

He provided key seed-funding early on to kick-start offices and staffing for the Alberta conservation groups and had a profound impact on my career working for wilderness and wildlife. In 1978 or was it '79, he presented his Grizzly Country program at the Jubilee Auditorim in Calgary (posters on other info is/was on file at the AWA), with all proceeds going to the Alberta Wilderness Assoc and if I recall correctly, the other main conservation groups (National & Provincial Parks Assoc., now CPAWS and Sierra Club of Canada - Alberta Group, and Federation of Alberta Naturalists), or at least there was an agreement that together there would be money for a full-time staff position. The groups, along with the Great Divide Trail Assoc. jointly set up the Office of Environmental Coordinator, a part-time position answering to all five groups (and collaborating with the Fish & Game Assoc.), and the AWA set up their part-time Executive Director position. I was the one hired in Dec. 1979 to fill both. At the time there were only two non-government conservation staff positions in Alberta, Almer Kerr working part-time for the Fish & Game Assoc. and this new one -- thanks to Andy. The AWA annual budget when I took office was $10,000, and we were off and never looked back.


Dianne Pachal, Sierra Club of Canada Read more about Well-known conservationist Andy Russell dies

CEN e-Bulletin -- June 3, 2005

The June 3, 2005 Issue of the CEN Weekly eBulletin is now available on the CEN website.


  1. Calls For Delegates
    • RCEN Caucus Meetings
    • Smart Regulation, Government Directive on Regulating
  2. Resources
    • First on-line worldwide register of GM contamination incidents
    • NOAMI Publication now available
  3. Events
    • The 1st International Eat In, Act Out Week!
    • Canadian National Advisory Committee Public Session
  4. Jobs
    • Education Coordinator, Falls Brook Centre
    • Public Outreach Assistant, CONE
    • Executive Director, CONE
Read more about CEN e-Bulletin -- June 3, 2005>

Ecoliving Tour - Calgary


The EcoLiving Tour - modeled after the Eco-Solar Tours in Edmonton - was created in 2002 to showcase practical solutions adopted by creative citizens in order to save money with their energy costs and to reduce their reliance on the Earth’s precious resources. Hop on the EcoLiving bus and be transported to various venues in the Calgary area, guided by a knowledgeable facilitator. A host will greet you at each location to show the technology in use and will answer your questions. You might see: alternative energy sources such as solar, geothermal or wind; green building technologies; water saving devices; water wise gardens; and other useful ideas to help you make positive changes to your homes and businesses. You will see these unique technologies in a working setting and witness how the investment is paid off for the owner.

The Tour is a great opportunity to address your questions and concerns - and perhaps produce new ideas. The EcoLiving Tour’s objective is to demonstrate that innovative energy saving and environmental friendly technologies are accessible to everyone, including you! Brought to you by Sustainable Calgary. Read more about Ecoliving Tour - Calgary

Edmonton's LRT - Urgent Call to Action

Edmonton Trolley Coalition

In case you were not aware, administration is urging City Council to delay construction of South LRT south of Southgate, claiming now that the amount earned from the fuel tax rebate will not be enough to cover the entire cost of the loan needed to finance construction. City Council had previously set the completion of LRT all the way to Heritage as a priority. Administration was not asked to re-evaluate Council’s priorities.

Delaying LRT construction will, of course, only result in higher costs in the long run, as construction costs increase faster than interest rates. Council has also committed to redeveloping the Heritage site as a higher density, transit-oriented development. If LRT is delayed, the attraction and value of this development will be diminished.

Administration’s proposal is perhaps penny wise, but definitely pound foolish.

We ask you, please, to contact your city councillor and/or the Citizens Action Centre [496-8200 or [email protected]] to urge Council to follow through with the construction of South LRT all the way to Heritage in one go. Edmontonians have waited long enough. South LRT will form a vital link in the city’s transportation system that will benefit all citizens.

This issue is on the agenda for the Tuesday, May 31st Council meeting. It is important you contact your councillor or the Citizens Action Centre as soon as possible.

Thank you for your action on this issue!

Edmonton Trolley Coalition Read more about Edmonton's LRT - Urgent Call to Action

Conservation-Net Update May 26, 2005

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Edmonton Chapter

In this Issue...

  • Take Action! - Alberta's Environmental Deficit
  • Alberta Conservation Groups urge Victoria's Secret to stop using Alberta's endangered forests for catalogues.
  • Joint initiative will take "Caribou Nation" to the Canadian public and international buyers of Canadian forest products; Alberta's draft Caribou Recovery Plan criticized
  • Environmental groups accuse Kleenex manufacturer of wiping away Canadian forests at annual meeting
  • Weyerhaeuser under increasing pressure to change
  • Add your voice - membership is important!
Read more about Conservation-Net Update May 26, 2005>


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