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Department Of Fisheries And Oceans Secretly Reducing Protection Of Fish Habitat

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: May 11, 2005

Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) has learned that Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has been secretly developing plans to reduce protection of the aquatic environment. Documents were sent anonymously to Martha Kostuch, Vice-President of the Friends of the Oldman River.

"The Modernizing Compliance Initiative came as the result of an expenditure review exercise that was carried out in complete secrecy from staff, unions and the Canadian Public," notes Kostuch. "The department is still trying to quietly undertake this initiative, reducing both the level of service to Canadians and the level of protection of the aquatic environment. This becomes clearer when comparing the information available to staff on DFO's Intranet website to the information provided to the public on DFO's public website." Read more about Department Of Fisheries And Oceans Secretly Reducing Protection Of Fish Habitat

Action Alert re: Protection of Fish Habitat

The Fisheries Act is one of the strongest and most important environmental acts in Canada. As you can see from the media release which follows this Action Alert, DFO is planning to decrease protection of fish habitat.

What can you do?

  1. Distribute this media release or do your own media release.
  2. Call, write, fax, email or meet with members of Parliament and the Senate and ask them to oppose both the proposed reduction in funding for protection of fish habitat and the Modernizing Compliance Initiative which would result in the cutting of 80 Fishery Officers and 42 Habitat Management Positions.
  3. Ask to be consulted about any proposed changes related to fish habitat protection and about any proposed changes to the Fisheries Act. (Rumors are that a new Fisheries Act is going to be tabled in the fall.)
Read more about Action Alert re: Protection of Fish Habitat>

Bow Riverkeeper News - May 8, 2005

Bow Riverkeeper [email protected]

  1. Announcing the Big Bow Float: A Centennial Canoe Voyage
  2. Report Release: "People to Water, Water to People" Discussion Paper
  3. Bow Riverkeeper Presents at Glenbow Museum Terrific Tuesday Talk
  4. Release of the State of the Basin Report 2005:
  5. Time for Spring Plantings: Consider the "Healthy Yards" Program
  6. Report Release: Balancing Act: Water Conservation and Economic Growth
  7. Resource: Case Study on North Saskatchewan River Watershed
  8. Alberta Environment's Most Recent Water Act Applications
  9. Donate to Bow Riverkeeper and Receive Magazine Subscription
Read more about Bow Riverkeeper News - May 8, 2005>

Fifteen Years Of The Ghost-Waiparous Access Plan - Another ABSRD Failure

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: May 4, 2005

Fifteen years of public demand for a Ghost-Waiparous Access Management process have finally produced a draft Access Management Plan which offers little more than a free-for-all for motorized recreationists. Opponents of the proposals, including local residents, watershed organizations, tourism operators and environmental groups, are fed up that, once again interests of motorized recreationists have been allowed to steamroller all other concerns. Read more about Fifteen Years Of The Ghost-Waiparous Access Plan - Another ABSRD Failure

Abraham Glacier Resort Finally Put To Rest

Alberta Wilderness Association
Alberta League for Repsonsible Tourism

News Release: April 18, 2005

Almost a year after being denied a development application by the Clearwater County, the Province has cancelled the land reservation for the development of the Abraham Glacier Wellness Resort; the 520 acre, full-service, self-contained health spa and resort located in the Whitegoat Lakes Development Node along the David Thompson highway (Hwy 11) near the Bighorn Wildland. Read more about Abraham Glacier Resort Finally Put To Rest

Rebuilding Nature Funding Opportunity

Evergreen and Home Depot Canada are pleased to announce the Rebuilding Nature Grant, a new grant program offered to community groups across Canada working on urban naturalization projects on public lands. Rebuilding Nature Grant supports the restoration and stewardship of urban habitats such as woodlands, meadows, wetlands and ravines. It also supports community gardening projects that involve native plants.

For more information about this grant and to download an application guide and form, please visit Evergreen's web site at http://www.evergreen.ca/en/cg/cg-funding.html. The deadline for this application is May 16th, 2005. Read more about Rebuilding Nature Funding Opportunity


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