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Alberta's Greenhouse Gas Regulations: Implications for the Waste Management Sector

Alberta is the first jurisdiction in North America to require industry to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Proper waste management systems and the implementation of emerging technologies can significantly reduce GHG emissions from waste management related activities, generating valuable GHG credits or offsets for an emerging carbon trading market. Learn about the potential to market GHG credits and the means of doing so. Read more »

Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence Annual Research Day

The Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence is Canada's premier facility for solid waste, wastewater, and waste to energy research. Join us for the first Annual Research Day and learn about our research environment, speak with specialists about their projects, and explore Edmonton's innovative facilities. Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Seminar Time: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm Location: NREF Building, Room 1-001, University of Alberta Read more »

Stakeholder Consultations for Alberta's New Paint Stewardship Program

Alberta's paint recycling program will be implemented on April 1, 2008. The Alberta Recycling Management Authority has been delegated to manage this new program.

Municipal solid waste management and recycling staff are key stakeholders in the new stewardship program. Building on the original consultations by Alberta Environment on a paint stewardship program, Alberta Recycling is seeking your input before finalizing the program. Read more »

Posted October 27, 2007 by Anonymous

Alberta Announces Long-Term Waste Strategy

As part of Waste Reduction Week, on Thursday, October 18 in Red Deer, Minister Rob Renner announced a new long-term waste strategy, which shares Waste Reduction Week's slogan "Too Good to Waste". The first action in the strategy is a new paint stewardship program that will enable Albertans to recycle used or leftover paint. Read more »

Posted October 19, 2007 by Anonymous

Call for Comments: Proposed Oilfield Waste Liability Program

The Alberta Energy and Utilities Board has issued Bulletin (2007-28) calling for comments on their Proposed Oilfield Waste Liability (OWL) Program and Changes to the Licensee Liability Rating Program.

The draft directive is available on the EUB website under Industry Zone: Rules Regulations and Requirements: Directives for review and feedback.

Direct Link

Comments are requested by September 14th.

Posted September 4, 2007 by Anonymous

Waste at Home - How to reduce your environmental footprint

Clean Calgary is pleased to present this one hour presentation that examines the problems associated with waste in our municipality, how to reduce that waste as well as water and energy savings ideas for residents. Explore ideas around examining purchasing decisions, recycling in Calgary, how to offset your GHG emissions, composting options, indoor and outdoor water saving techniques and energy use reduction. Read more »

Bow River News - Jun 6th, 2007

Bow Riverkeeper

1. Join us for a Free Webinar on Groundwater, June 21st

The Water Beneath Us: State of the Science and Information in Alberta, June 21, 2007 at 3 pm: The public is growing increasingly concerned about impacts to groundwater and many feel that actions should be taken today to protect groundwater resources into the future. It is often said that we don't know much about groundwater and that much more data needs to be collected. What do we know about groundwater? What is the state of the science of groundwater in Alberta? How can we can make informed decisions? Read more »

Posted June 11, 2007 by Anonymous

Arusha Infoactive Happy Hour presents Waste at Work


You Recycle At Home, But What About At Work?Do your efforts of reducing, reusing, and recycling at home seem withered by the lack of these efforts at your workplace? If the majority of waste being sent to Calgary's Landfills is not coming from our homes than shouldn't we focus more on the waste created by and at our workplace?Lindsay Luhnau, Program Assistant with the Calgary Materials Exchange, will give a condensed version of the informative 'Waste At Work' Read more »

Life Cycle Assessment & Solid Waste Management Workshop


The Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence (EWMCE) would like to invite you to attend our upcoming Life Cycle Assessment & Solid Waste Management Workshop on Feb 28, 2007. The workshop notice and registration information are available from our website. Feel free to share this message with any colleagues or associates who may also be interested in attending. Read more »

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