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ALSA Does Not Extinguish Property Rights

14 Feb 2011


An important clarification about the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) and property rights by University of Calgary law professor Nigel Bankes has confirmed that ALSA does not extinguish property rights. Professor Bankes points out that it is unreasonable to interpret ALSA as providing an alternative means of property expropriation, and that the courts would not uphold such an interpretation. (His February 11 posting is at Read more »

Posted February 14, 2011 by AEN

Polluter Harmony — #1 matchmaking site for polluters, industry lobbyists, & politicians!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Greenpeace Canada has launched PolluterHarmony— "the #1 matchmaking site for polluters, industry lobbyists, & politicians!" Watch the video, and check out the site. While you're there, you can send a Valentine to the Minister of the Environment.

Read more »

Posted February 14, 2011 by AEN

The Duck Stops Here! Do tailings ponds trump migratory bird protection? (Webinar)

Feb 28 2011 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Syncrude ducks trial last year was among the most sensational environmental trials of the last decade, resulting in the most significant environmental fine in Canada.

This webinar will focus on what the trial means in the context of migratory bird protection and what it says about the legality of tailings ponds under theMigratory Birds Protection Act. What issues did the Syncrude trial resolve and what issues remain unanswered in the wake of the decision? Read more »

Posted February 9, 2011 by AEN

Minister’s decision to withdraw Bill 29: an encouraging step for Alberta’s Parks & Protected Areas

7 Feb 2011

(Calgary, AB) The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is applauding Cindy Ady, Minister of Parks Recreation and Tourism, for withdrawing the new Provincial Parks Act (Bill 29) from the spring session of legislature. Since November, thousands of Albertans and Canadians have written the Minister stating strong concerns with the Bill and its potential impact on Alberta’s most precious protected areas. Read more »

Posted February 7, 2011 by AEN

Bill 29 ‘Suspended.’ Is Alberta Parks Ministry Finally Listening to Albertans?

7 Feb 2011

Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) congratulates Cindy Ady, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation on her apparent decision to withdraw the deeply unpopular Bill 29, the draft Alberta Parks Act. It now appears the bill will not be reintroduced in the spring session of the Alberta legislature.

In a recent “Park News” email, Minister Ady wrote: “While I had planned to bring park legislation back this Spring, I will spend the time needed to address the main concerns raised by Albertans before moving forward with new legislation.” Read more »

Posted February 7, 2011 by AEN

Groups call for extension on Environmental Bill of Rights debate

1 Feb 2011

OTTAWA - There will be a crucial vote on whether to extend the debate of the Environmental Bill of Rights Act at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3rd.

The bill is currently before the Standing Committee on Environment and sustainable Development undergoing a clause-by-clause examination. During this process, a number of improvements have been identified, but unless Parliament extends the debate deadline tomorrow, it will be voted on in its original form.  Read more »

Posted February 2, 2011 by AEN

Species-at-risk defenders walk away from NAFTA review process

17 Jan 2011

VANCOUVER — An international coalition of environmental groups, represented by Ecojustice, has withdrawn in protest a complaint against Canada, a first in the history of NAFTA’s environmental watchdog.

The complaint, made to the Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC) in 2006, alleged that the Canadian government failed to enforce laws to protect at least 197 at-risk species in Canada. Read more »

Posted January 17, 2011 by AEN

A brief history of property law and the implications for environmental protection (Webinar)

Feb 8 2011 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Property rights and environmental protection, are they compatible?

This presentation will provide a brief review of the evolution of property law, from feudalism to present day property law in Alberta, and discuss how current day property rights and legislation can both enable and hinder environmental protection.  The discussion will include some distinguishing features of our property rights system from that found in the United States and evaluate the effect of various laws in providing for environmental protection. Read more »

Posted January 11, 2011 by AEN

Matters and others appeal to the EAB to turn down precedent setting transfer on the Bow

Water licence change threatens Bow River: Approval would grant irrigation district power to assign industrial water rights

21 Dec 2010

CALGARY — Ecojustice is appealing recent amendments to the Eastern Irrigation District (EID) water licence that would give the District power to function as a water broker and supplier without accountability to the environmental health of the region’s water quality and ecosystems.

Ecojustice filed the appeals with the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board on behalf of Water Matters, the Alberta Wilderness Association, Trout Unlimited Canada and three individuals. Read more »

Posted December 21, 2010 by AEN

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