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Bow Riverkeeper Citizen's Toolkit & Webinars Online

Visit our new Citizens' Toolkit! It includes a wealth of information about water science and policy, including online presentations from experts.

Visit to explore our Citizens' Toolkit and view online presentations.

Bow Riverkeeper, with the support of Alberta Ecotrust and Alberta Environmental Network, held three webinars (online workshops) over the last six months to build the capacity and knowledge of those interested and involved in Alberta's water issues.

The webinars explored three topics: shared governance in the watershed context, the basics of groundwater science and the knowledge gaps, and groundwater policy and regulation in Alberta and beyond. As well, you will find a compilation of useful resources on each topic for further developing your knowledge.

Experts presented each webinar and shared their knowledge and insight with participants. These presentations are now available online. Read more »

Posted December 10, 2007 by Anonymous

CPANS Luncheon: Watershed Planning in Alberta - Water Quality Objectives

by Bill Berzins, Chair of Bow River Basin Council and President of Fossil Water Read more »

Green Party of Canada Leader at Mount Royal College

Elizabeth May, the former head of the Sierra Club of Canada and the current Leader of the Green Party of Canada, will be at Mount Royal College on Nov. 26th at 7PM to talk about oil sands development and water management. For more info, go to

Bow River Fisheries Research Public Release

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and Trout Unlimited Canada, Bow Headwaters Chapter invite you to the public release of important new research:Assessing the Ecological Function of the Upper Bow River and Its WatershedWhen: Friday, October 26, 2007, 7:30 p.m.Where: Canmore Collegiate High School TheatreAdmission: Free (Donations will be appreciated.) Read more »

Alberta Faces Key Licensing Decision

Bow Riverkeeper

For more information, see website:

A proposal before Alberta Environment would give the largest water licence holder in all of southern Alberta the role of water broker. While this proposal affects only one licence in a rural part of Alberta, the ramifications of its approval will affect the overall management and allocation of water across Alberta.

If the government approves this proposal, they will effectively be handing off important decision-making power to a private interest. This would open the door for other licence holders to "amend" their licences, potentially perpetuating a private water market in the province. It is time the government stepped in to find a solution that meets everyone's needs - not just those of the water licensees. Read more »

Posted October 4, 2007 by Anonymous

Join a Collective Call to Action! Prairie Citizens Water Directive

A 10 City Tour to Discuss the Sustainable Management of Water in the Prairie Provinces

From the Rocky Mountains to Lake Winnipeg, an expansive river network connects the Prairie Provinces. Increasingly, there are competing demands being placed on limited water resources across the region.

This fall, citizens from across the region will join together in a collective call for action! What are your expectations? What are your priorities? Come out and share as we embark in a regional dialogue that will connect the people of a region with a united message. Read more »

Posted September 4, 2007 by Anonymous

Upcoming Oil Sands Events

Pembina Institute

I would like to highlight a few very important events that will be taking place in the oil sands realm. The Pembina Institute will be celebrating the end of their "Connecting the Drops" Athabasca River expedition in coordination with a rally organized by the First Nations communities of Fort Chipewyan on August 14th in Fort Chipewyan. The event will highlight the health and environmental concerns they currently hold in their region. All are encouraged to attend, please see the attached poster by George Poitras to obtain more information about this important event. Feel free to contact myself or George for further information on the rally. Speakers at this event will include Dr. O'Connor, Dr. Schindler, Melanie Nakagawa (NRDC), Don VanHout (expedition leader), Dan Woynillowicz (Pembina Institute), as well as Chiefs and Elders from the community. Read more »

Posted August 1, 2007 by Anonymous

Bow River News - Jun 6th, 2007

Bow Riverkeeper

1. Join us for a Free Webinar on Groundwater, June 21st

The Water Beneath Us: State of the Science and Information in Alberta, June 21, 2007 at 3 pm: The public is growing increasingly concerned about impacts to groundwater and many feel that actions should be taken today to protect groundwater resources into the future. It is often said that we don't know much about groundwater and that much more data needs to be collected. What do we know about groundwater? What is the state of the science of groundwater in Alberta? How can we can make informed decisions? Read more »

Posted June 11, 2007 by Anonymous

Bow River News - May 15th, 2007

1. Support Bow Riverkeeper and watch the WATERWALKER Film Festival!

Support Bow Riverkeeper and have fun watching a collection of the best canoeing, kayaking, and environmental films of the year! On Friday, May 18th at Mount Royal College in Jenkins Theatre, starting at 7:00 pm, the WATERWALKER Film Festival will be shown in Calgary for one night only! Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. They are available in person at Undercurrents or by phone at 262-GEAR. There is a "Will Call" at the door. All proceeds will benefit Bow Riverkeeper. Read more »

Posted May 15, 2007 by Anonymous

Branches and Banks 2007 Tree Plant and Watershed Awareness Festival

Branches and Banks Environmental FoundationCochrane Environmental Action CommitteeBranches and Banks is getting geared up for our 2007 tree plant and river/creek clean up again for this spring. We are changing things up a little bit this year with the organization of a whole day event – on June 2nd for Environment Week (Wetlands Awareness is the theme this year). Read more »

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