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U of C Eco Club and the U of C Student's Union present Global Warming Week


This vibrant week will include a large interactive climate change exhibit, screenings of An Inconvenient Truth and The Denial Machine, a Day of Action where anyone can immediately act on Global Warming, and an End of the World Party to wrap it all up! Read more »

SDTC Business, Investment and Funding Opportunities in Renewable Fuels and Oil and Gas - Calgary


You are invited to a special presentation on:A Roadmap to New Business, Investment and Funding Opportunities in:Session 1: Renewable FuelsSession 2: Oil & GasWhen: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 Delta Bow Valley209 4th Avenue SECalgary, AlbertaSession Room: Olympic Read more »

SDTC Business, Investment and Funding Opportunities in Renewable Fuels and Oil and Gas - Edmonton


You are invited to a special presentation on:A Roadmap to New Business, Investment and Funding Opportunities in:Session 1: Renewable FuelsSession 2: Oil & GasWhen: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 Courtyard MarriottOne Thornton Court, (99th Street & Jasper Avenue)Edmonton, AlbertaSession Room: Thornton Read more »

Citizens and Conservationists target US Oil Giant ConocoPhillips

For destruction of Caribou Habitat and Alberta by Industrial Development and Global Warming

A rally will take place at the corporate offices of US oil giant ConocoPhillips in Calgary, Alberta on December 1st @11am to highlight the desperate situation of the Little Smoky Caribou, the demise of Alberta’s caribou habitat from industrial development, and from global warming’s devastating impacts on the boreal forest.

The Little Smoky caribou herd is considered at immediate risk of extinction with less than 100 individuals left thanks to the activities of corporations like ConocoPhillips in caribou habitat. While the Alberta Caribou Committee stalls, petroleum companies such as ConocoPhillips are racing ahead and further degrading their habitat with industrial development. A petition submitted almost a year ago to the Federal government asking for the implementation of the emergency provision of the Species at Risk Act has received no response to date. While the caribou committees are trying to plan for caribou recovery the petroleum industry is forging ahead with development in critical threatened caribou habitat. Read more »

Posted November 24, 2006 by russ

Request for Funding Proposals: Community Climate Action Project for YOUth!

Youth Environmental Network (YEN)

YEN is now accepting funding proposals for Climate Action micro-grants! Read on to see if your project is an eligible recipient partner!

What: grants of max $2,500.00
When: Deadline for applications December 10th, 2006

This project is all about YOUth taking action on Climate Change! This is a National Micro-grants Project presented in Partnership between YEN and Heritage Canada to deliver micro-grants to Canadian youth implementing innovated solutions to Climate Change! If you are youth (16-25 years of age) or part of a youth-driven initiative interested in applying for funding from the Youth Environmental Network’s Youth-led Climate Action Project – Read on! Read more »

Posted November 16, 2006 by russ

Water & Cities: What can be done to future-proof our water supply?


The Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment (CABREE) is proud to present2006 EPCOR Distinguished LectureDr. Peter Droege • Thursday, October 19, 2006 • Calgary, ABWater and CitiesWhat can be done to future-proof our water supply?Fresh Water is the lifeblood of cities and its decline has been recorded on a world wide scaleWith many global metropolitan areas suffering from depleting water resources, water security has become a major concern for many national and urban leaders. The process of evaporating water resources is driven by many factors, one being the development of fossil fuel generation. But the most threatening promises to be accelerating climate change impacts. What can be done to future-proof our cities from a water security point of view? Solutions may lie in integrated water cycle management, distributed micro-watershed management, water right registration and trading and in accomplishing a fundamental urban energy transition to more efficient and renewable models. Read more »

Youth Action on Climate - October 18, 2006

Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, de la Coalition Canadienne des Jeunes pour le Climat

Sign the youth declaration and find out more at
Register your event (even at the planning stage) ASAPjeca [dot] glorbell [at] gmail [dot] com and itstimetoriseup [at] gmail [dot] com

Signez la déclaration jeunesse et apprenez en plus à
Faîtes connaître votre événement dès que possiblejeca [dot] glorbell [at] gmail [dot] com et itstimetoriseup [at] gmail [dot] com Read more »

Posted October 13, 2006 by russ

Global warming gets worse as Alberta ignores issue

David Suzuki Foundation

October 12, 2006

OTTAWA — Alberta needs to realize that ignoring global warming makes it worse; it does not make it disappear, according to a new David Suzuki Foundation study.

“Alberta has the fourth-largest provincial economy, but it’s the number one producer of greenhouse gases, says report author Dale Marshall, a David Suzuki Foundation policy analyst based in Ottawa. “That pollution is mainly from the oil and gas sector, and it’s exploding with the work on the tar sands. Add five new coal-fired power plants, and the outlook is disturbing.” Read more »

Posted October 13, 2006 by russ

Action Alert: Government Inaction on Climate Change, Dominate the Letters Pages

Climate Action Network/Réseau Action Climat Canada

We had a pretty good day yesterday in our efforts to explain the real goal of the Harper government but they definitely did well too with all kinds of headlines about getting tough on polluters. This was their only goal headlines to create the impression of action.

We need a second wave of comment across the country today. We absolutely must dominate the letters pages of newspapers everywhere. Why must present the clear message that there is a con going on and future generations are the victims. Read more »

Posted October 11, 2006 by russ

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