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Oil Sands Consultations in Edmonton

Sierra Club of Canada — Prairie Chapter

The provincial government is currently conducting public consultations to determine how the people of Alberta want the oil sands to be developed. These consultations are to the multi-stakeholder panel/committee which consists of representatives from industry, government, indigenous peoples, Metis, and environmental non-governmental organizations. They will be held in 7 locations across Alberta (find out when they will be in your community). Read more »

Posted September 18, 2006 by russ

PM Harper wants a 'Made in Canada' plan. This is how to get it!

Climate Action Network/Réseau Action Climat CanadaSierra Club of Canada - Prairie Chapter

September 12, 2006

(Edmonton) The Climate Action Network/Réseau Action Climat Canada (CAN-RAC) is beginning its tour to find out what Canadians want in a Kyoto plan to address the climate crisis. “Climate Action Tour 2006” will present a series of workshops across the country for Canadians of all regions to design a climate action plan. The tour is part of the network’s plan to get Canada back on the Kyoto track and re-emerge as the global good guy Canadians expect it to be. Read more »

Posted September 13, 2006 by russ

Big Bad Corporations on Campus: The Link between toilet paper on campus and Alberta’s Endangered Foothills Forests


Alberta Foothills NetworkEnvironmental Direct Action NetworkThe official Give your Bum a Voice! University of Alberta - Kimberly Clark Campaign is about to commence! Please join us for the presentation outlined below to learn more.If you are unable to make the presentation but are interested in any of the following, please email Rebecca at savethefoothills [at] gmail [dot] com for info on how you can join this exciting campaign.This new campaign will offer:

  • Fun, creative and exciting actions, events and meetings;
  • Experience, training and mentoring for all levels of activists and organizers from experts in Alberta and beyond;
  • Learn more about the link between consumption (on campus and in your home) in Alberta and the loss of our foothill forests;
  • An original Market Action Campaign: one of the first of its kind in the province;
  • Working cooperatively with the environmental communities of the University, Edmonton, Canada and the USA;
  • Opportunities for you to make a difference for forests, wildlife and water in our province.

When: Wed Sept 13, 2pm Where: Humanities L1-2, U of A Campus Read more »

UNESCO calls on Canada to minimize impacts of Cheviot Mine

Letters needed

UNESCO, in its Decisions Adopted at the 30th Session of the World Heritage Committee, has again called on Canada to ensure the adverse impacts of the operation of the massive Cheviot open-pit coal mine (located in Alberta adjacent Jasper National Park) are minimized and mitigated.

Please write Canada’s Environment Minister and Fisheries & Oceans Minister (sample letter and addresses at end) asking that no further approvals, including for the current Prospect Creek application, be given until the now years outstanding commitments to compensate for the loss of carnivore habitat (grizzly bears, lynx, etc.) and to implement mitigation measures dealing with the loss of migratory bird habitat and exceedences of water quality guidelines are in place and shown to be effective. Read more »

Posted September 7, 2006 by russ

Rona Ambrose Served With Legal Notice

Tiny Species Could Cause Big Headache For Feds

News Release: August 8, 2006

Edmonton, AB - A coalition of environmental groups today served Federal Environment Minister Rona Ambrose with a petition giving her 60 days to step in to protect two endangered plants in Alberta or face a lawsuit. Alberta Wilderness Association, Federation of Alberta Naturalists, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Sierra Club of Canada and Nature Canada, represented by Sierra Legal Defence Fund, are threatening the suit to test the federal government's intention to protect Canada's endangered wildlife. Read more »

Posted August 9, 2006 by russ

Canadians asked to Build a Climate Crisis Plan

Climate Action Network/Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-RAC)

Wednesday August 2nd, 2006

(Ottawa) The Climate Action Network/Réseau Action Climat Canada (CAN-RAC) is going on tour to find out what Canadians want in a Kyoto plan to address the climate crisis. “Climate Action Tour 2006” will present a series of workshops for Canadians to design a climate action plan. The tour is a response to the federal government’s cut to climate programs and its announced intention to create a “Made in Canada Plan”. Read more »

Posted August 4, 2006 by russ

Caribou Running in their own Death Race

Concern for threatened species raised at Grande Cache Event

Alberta Foothills Network: A collaboration of international voices that are committed to the protection, restoration and the establishment of Protected Areas, and socially and ecologically sustainable development in the Endangered Foothills Natural Region of Alberta.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, August 3, 2006

Local and international environmental groups are joining the migration of over 900 of the most extreme runners in North America to Grande Cache for the community’s largest event – the annual Canadian Death Race. Considered the toughest race in Canada, the 125 km race consists of three mountain summits and over 17,000 ft of elevation change through the scenic mountains and foothills around Grande Cache. Read more »

Posted August 3, 2006 by russ

Help us create a park in Alberta's Castle wilderness

June 14, 2006
CPAWS Action alert

Alberta's Castle Wilderness is a unique wildland in Canada. Its majestic Front Range canyons rise out of the prairie into the alpine with no foothills, leading to the greatest plant biodiversity in Alberta. Its rivers flow to the Oldman river watershed that sustains southern Alberta. Unfortunately, the Alberta government's recently proposed C-5 Forestry management plan would diminish this biodiversity, and reduce the area's ability to retain water for southern Alberta. Read more »

Posted June 14, 2006 by russ

Uncertain future for woodland caribou?

CPAWS Action Team

Woodland caribou represent Canada's natural legacy, but their population is in steady decline due to expanding industrial development in the boreal forest. CPAWS and Sierra Club have just released a report that finds Canada's governments aren't doing what is needed to save this species from extinction.

You can help!

Send a letter at and let your MPP or MLA know that you want woodland caribou protected! Ask them to protect woodland caribou habitat before permitting development in intact boreal forests. Read more »

Posted May 30, 2006 by russ

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