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Government Violates Guidelines and Allows Further Destruction of Endangered Caribou Habitat

Alberta Wilderness AssociationCanadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Northern Alberta

Press Release January 22, 2008

Interim strategies to protect caribou were agreed to in 2006 by all members of the West Central Caribou Landscape Team, including government and industry, to prevent further degradation of the caribou range in the Foothills of western Alberta. The best remaining parts of the caribou ranges (intact patches) were identified. One of the most important of the interim strategies is to minimize further fragmentation of intact patches. It has been recently learned that government continues to permit industrial use in these intact areas, including the Little Smoky Range, where a caribou herd is at immediate risk of elimination. Government refuses to give out information on where the use is occurring. Read more »

Posted January 23, 2008 by Anonymous

Blame the Wolf: Killing Wildlife to Save Wildlife

Alberta Wilderness Association
Defending Wild Alberta through Awareness and Action

Release Date: December 12, 2007

Recent initiatives to protect 2.2 million hectares of land in British Columbia for mountain caribou contrast strikingly with Alberta’s miserable failure to do anything meaningful to protect its own caribou habitat.

“While the BC government protects habitat and commits to more environmentally sensitive forest management, in Alberta we kill wolves,” say Nigel Douglas, AWA conservation specialist. Read more »

Posted December 12, 2007 by Anonymous

EnCana Makes First Court Appearance after Being Charged with Violating Canada Wildlife Act

Southern Alberta Group for the EnvironmentFederation of Alberta NaturalistsNature CanadaAlberta Wilderness AssociationGrasslands Naturalists

Calgary (December 5, 2007) – EnCana will make their first court appearance at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 6 in Medicine Hat Provincial Court in response to the charge of violating the Canada Wildlife Act in the Suffield National Wildlife Area (NWA). It is expected that EnCana will request full disclosure of evidence against them and that another court date will be set for their next appearance. Read more »

Posted December 5, 2007 by russ

Public Lands Deal Behind Closed Doors — Native Prairie Threatened by Developer's Plough

Alberta Wilderness Association

Release Date: November 8, 2007

A large area of public land west of Medicine Hat comprising rare native prairie may feel the slice of the plough within a few months if a proposed land swap goes ahead behind closed doors. Alberta Wilderness Association believes that any decisions affecting public land trades or sales must include the opportunity for public participation. Read more »

Posted November 9, 2007 by Anonymous

Beware of MLAs sleeping

Alberta Wilderness Association
Defending Wild Alberta through Awareness and Action

For Immediate release
November 1, 2007

Edmonton, Alberta. The Alberta Wilderness Association has appealed to Alberta’s elected officials to awaken to the plight of Grizzly Bears and other threatened species in Alberta.

As the Alberta Legislature prepares to open next week, the Association today delivered a Grizzly Bear package to every MLA.

The Association unveiled the first in a series of ads, this one featuring a lone bear clinging to a light post, symbolizing the desperate situation facing Grizzlies as they seek refuge where they can in Alberta. The Wilderness Association also introduced a web page which went live this morning and will be further developed in the coming weeks. Read more »

Posted November 2, 2007 by Anonymous

Conservation Groups Call for Release of Habitat Report, Parks and Funding to Save Grizzlies

Alberta Wilderness AssociationDefenders of Wildlife CanadaCPAWS — Northern AlbertaFederation of Alberta NaturalistsNatural Resources Defense CouncilJasper Environmental AssociationWest Athabasca Bioregional SocietySierra Club of Canada

Media Release For Immediate Release: Oct. 24, 2007

Calgary — Local and national conservation organizations are calling on Alberta's Sustainable Development Minister, Ted Morton, to release the scientists' report outlining core grizzly habitat areas to his Grizzly Bear Recovery Team and the public. To make up for the five years of lost time during the protracted recovery planning process, they are asking Morton and the Minister of Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture, Hector Goudreau, to quickly move on establishing three wildland parks, which encompass core grizzly habitat long known to be important to the bears' future and which have already gone through various assessment and review processes. Read more »

Posted October 25, 2007 by Anonymous

What price the Grizzly, in oil-rich Alberta?

Alberta Wilderness Association
Defending Wild Alberta through Awareness and Action

Calgary, Alberta — The Alberta Wilderness Association is drawing attention to the plight of Grizzly Bears, evidenced by a lone bear seeking sanctuary at the Calgary Zoo, perhaps the last safe place for Grizzlies in Alberta.

Alberta's Grizzly population stands at less than 500 bears. Nigel Douglas, conservation specialist for the Wilderness Association, made this statement: Read more »

Posted October 23, 2007 by Anonymous

AWA Tuesday Talk: Disappearing Dunes on the Prairies

With Dr. Darren BenderStability may be good for economies and families, but it’s bad for sand dunes. Active sand dunes and associated habitats are disappearing across the Canadian prairies. These habitats support diverse com-munities of specialized and rare plants and animals, many of which are at risk of extinction in Canada. Read more »

AWA Tuesday Talk: Beautiful Bighorn - Can we afford to leave it unprotected?

With Vivian PharisThe Bighorn's 5,000 km2 contains some of the most scenic splendour in Alberta, equal or greater than that in worldrenowned Banff and Jasper Parks. Although the area had a close brush with protection in the 1980s, it remains unprotected and vulnerable to serious human impact. Read more »

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