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Action Alert - Alberta's Climate Change Plan

Toxics Watch Society of Alberta

The Alberta Government needs to hear from you about its climate change plan.

Through its website, the government is soliciting comments from the public on what should be included in its new plan. Here are a few things you can do to make sure the Alberta government knows that the public demands action on climate change. Read more »

Posted April 23, 2007 by Anonymous

Climate Change Plan - Public Consultations, Edmonton


Toxics Watch Society of Alberta The Alberta government has developed a climate change plan... Unfortunately, the plan as it stands will not result in the real reductions necessary to protect our climate. You can call for changes to make the plan more effective. Alberta Environment is currently holding public consultations on its climate change plan and they will be in Edmonton on April 18th from 6pm - 9pm at the Westin (10135 100 Street). Read more »

Environment Groups Sue to Block Federal Reliance on "Phantom" Mitigation for the Oil Sands

Media Release

Mar 30, 2007

Sierra Legal, on behalf of a coalition of environmental organizations, filed an application yesterday for a Federal Court judicial review of the Joint Panel report assessing the Imperial Oil Kearl Oil Sands project north of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The Pembina Institute, Sierra Club of Canada, the Toxics Watch Society of Alberta, the Prairie Acid Rain Coalition and Sierra Legal will argue that the Joint Panel failed to properly do its job, and that a proper environmental review must take place before the federal government can decide whether to allow the Kearl Oil Sands project to proceed. Read more »

Posted April 2, 2007 by Anonymous

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