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Caribou Jeopardized by Forest Products Association Decision to Clearcut for Pine Beetle

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: January 22, 2007

Alberta's threatened woodland caribou suffered one more nail in the coffin with the recent about-turn by the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) in its decision to ignore caribou habitat in the ongoing "war on pine beetle." Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) is fed-up with one more flip-flop in the AFPA's inconsistent approach to protection of the endangered woodland caribou, and is calling for their removal from the Alberta government's Caribou Committee (ACC). Read more »

Posted January 23, 2007 by russ

Death by a Thousand Cuts: Impacts of In-situ Oil Sands Development on Alberta's Boreal Forests


YEP Calgary Chapterwith Simon Dyer, Pembina InstitutePlease join us for a lively discussion on the impacts of Alberta's rapidly growing heavy oil industry on Alberta's Northern Forest. Simon will focus on the environmental impacts of in situ (in place) development of deep oil sands, suggesting that SAGD development has the potential to affect a forested region 50 times larger than the areas leased for oil sands mining north of Fort McMurray.Details: The event will take place on Wednesday January 10th, 5:30- 7:30 PM, Simon Dyer will start his talk at 6 p.m. Read more »

Give Your Bum a Voice! Kleercut University of Alberta

Presented by Greenpeace Canada, Environment Direct Action Network and Alberta Foothills Network

The students and alumni of this student group are raising awareness on campus regarding the source of the university’s toilet paper and paper towels: Kimberly-Clark. Also, makers of many household items such as Kleenex and Scott paper towels, this corporate giant has been found to be placing a huge demand on cheap pulp from Canada’s Boreal Forest. One of its sources includes Alberta’s endangered foothills forests. Read more »

Posted December 14, 2006 by russ

Woodland Caribou Sacrificed as Government Forces Companies to Log Pine Forests

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: December 7, 2006

The Deputy Minister of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) has confirmed that the Alberta Government is directing forestry companies to commence liquidation of pine forest in critical habitat of mountain woodland caribou as part of its war on mountain pine beetle (MPB). AWA is opposed to clear-cut logging and industrial activity in critical woodland caribou habitat. AWA believes the government's actions contradict a key recommendation of the West Central team, charged with implementing caribou recovery in the area. Read more »

Posted December 7, 2006 by russ

Alberta Government's War - Threatened Caribou Are First Casualties

Alberta Wilderness AssociationCanadian Parks & Wilderness Society

November 10, 2006

The Alberta government has approved a policy that compels forestry companies to fight mountain pine beetle by clearcutting old pine forest in Alberta's Foothills. Alberta is forcing companies such as Weyerhaeuser in Grande Prairie to log mature pine forest that is at risk of mountain pine beetle attack. AWA and others believe the first casualty of Alberta's war on the forest will be threatened caribou populations. Read more »

Posted November 10, 2006 by russ

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