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Boreal Market News Volume 5; Issue 8

August 23, 2007 Published by CPAWS – Northern Alberta Chapter


1. Activists & Student Leaders Challenge Sears/Lands' End to Clean Up Catalog Production or Face Nationwide Protests

Sears/Lands’ End, with catalog offerings including Sears, Land’s End and the recently acquired K-Mart, ranks among the top catalog producers in North America. Their estimated 420 million catalogs produced annually currently contain almost no recycled content and are made from trees sourced from endangered regions in the Boreal Forests of Canada including West Fraser Hinton. The activists, who came together last weekend near Chicago for a summit coordinated by ForestEthics, have vowed to launch a nationwide campaign within 30 days if Sears/Lands End doesn’t adopt responsible paper standards. Read more »

Posted August 27, 2007 by Anonymous

Forest Ecology and Gaia Theory

Gaia Theory Society Nigel Douglas of the AWA will talk on ecology of South-Eastern Alberta forests. Discussion on how forest ecology relate to Gaia Theory.7:30 - 9:30 PM. #209, 112 16th Ave. N.W., Calgary, AB. Phone 540-8608.

New Website Uncovers Alberta's 'Dirty Secrets'

Albertans worried about how their public resources and lands are being managed now have a way to document their concerns. The Federation of Alberta Naturalists and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Northern Alberta have been made aware of a new website that offers to post information on the destructive practices of industry in Alberta. The site is called Alberta's Dirty Secrets ( and serves as a moderated open forum for the posting of information and personal stories documenting the impacts of forestry and oil and gas activities, on the landscapes of Alberta. There are already some secrets posted — check it out. Read more »

Posted July 23, 2007 by Anonymous

Film screening and panel discussion: What does the Mackenzie Gas Project mean for Alberta?

The Mackenzie River is Canada’s wildest big river, flowing through 1800 kilometers of globally important forests and tundra.The Mackenzie is now threatened by Canada’s biggest natural gas pipeline project ever. If it proceeds, the Mackenzie Gas Project will trigger the transformation of the region from largely intact wilderness to industrial landscape. Read more »

University Wiping Away Alberta’s Endangered Forests

For immediate Release: May 1, 2007

Students’ point out that the University is Wiping Away Alberta’s Endangered Forests

University presented with petitions asking for ethical purchasing of toilet paper Read more »

Posted May 2, 2007 by Anonymous

UN Forum on Forests: Major Groups Call for Urgent Action

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: April 23, 2007

New York, April 23 - Major Groups took the lead on a multi-stakeholder dialogue at the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) 7th Session being held in New York and called on Governments to undertake immediate action on behalf of civil society. They told the UNFF that the status quo is unacceptable and expressed alarm at the unprecedented rate of forest disappearance which is having tremendous impacts on people and the environment. They said that it is time to move the dialogue to action and called for a member country to host a Major Group-led initiative in 2008 that would allow more substantial discussion on Major Groups' engagement in the multi-year programme of work (MYPOW). Nations are convened at the UN Headquarters to discuss a non-legally binding instrument (NLBI) on all types of forests and the MYPOW for the period 2007-2015. Read more »

Posted April 26, 2007 by Anonymous

Alberta's War on Pine Beetles - Using a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: April 12, 2007

The implications of the impending outbreak of mountain pine beetle (MPB) in Alberta look to be profound, but knee-jerk attempts to deal with the problem - or to be seen to deal with the problem - will likely do more damage than the beetles themselves. Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) believes that measures to deal with the MPB outbreak must be led by the best available science. Read more »

Posted April 13, 2007 by Anonymous

Action Alert: Register for Provincial Oil Sands Consultations

Sierra Club of Canada

The Alberta Tar Sands are one of the biggest social and ecological challenges in North America, fueling climate change, destroying our Boreal Forest, and drying up our mighty rivers. Albertans will carry all the costs while the party moves South. The time to set a new vision for Alberta's Energy Policy is now! Join the Sierra Club in our call for a moratorium on new developments in Alberta's Tar sands and find out how you can help create an safe energy future that we can all live with!

There will be public hearings on the Tar sands Alberta in March and April that will define the future of our province and you need to be a part of them. Here is how! Read more »

Posted March 8, 2007 by Anonymous

Action Alert - 20 more years of clearcut logging about to be approved in the water supply for Oldman River Basin

Short Letters Needed Now to Hon. Ted Morton

Unless the new Minister of Sustainable Resource Development (SRD), Ted Morton, hears oth­erwise from southern Albertans, in a week or so his Forest Management Director will sign off on the Branch's decision to lock the Oldman River Basin headwaters into 20 more years of new logging roads, skid trails and clearcuts.

Posted February 26, 2007 by Anonymous

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