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No New Approvals Candidate Challenge

Last week, a coalition of groups started a push for 'no new approvals on tar sands' development. Over 65 groups have signed on to the call and over 2000 people have signed the pledge. We are hoping that you will join them. You can view and sign the pledge at Please feel free to individually sign-on to the petition and circulate it to others as well.

But don't stop just yet....

The Alberta Election: We are also hoping to build on the momentum of the pledge by taking the 'no new approvals' pledge right to candidates. We want to try to get candidates of all political stripes in every riding to sign on to the call for 'no new approvals for theAlberta tar sands'. We have put together a candidates pledge available at We are hoping that everyone will print them out, take them to candidate forums and during question period challenge all the candidates there to sign-on.

Results will be posted on the site so send us the response good or bad at nonewapprovals [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are really eager — pictures or video (u-tube) would be amazing footage to get. If you are able to take on a riding or two please let us know as we are trying to hit everyone.

If you can't make it to a forum just present it to your politicians at your door and see if they will sign on.

Remember to report results good or bad so we can get them up on the site — nonewapprovals [at] gmail [dot] com

in solidarity,


Posted February 19, 2008 by Anonymous

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