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Bike Maintenance Classes

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters are offering bike maintenance seminars throughout April and May. Seminars include Basic Maintenance and Wheel Care. All classes run Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at BikeWorks and are free for members and $5 for non-members. Registration is required.

Check the EBC calendar for course specifics and registration information.

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RCEN e-Bulletin — 31 March 2010

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Network News

March 31st, 2010

The RCEN 2010 Conference Programme is Now Available!

The preliminary programme for our 2010 Conference is now available online. We are planning to make this year's edition bigger and better than ever! Join your colleagues in Montreal from September 17-19, and hear expert speakers discuss the hot topic issue of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Here are a few highlights from the programme:

  • A full day of panels and workshops devoted to biodiversity! Speakers from diverse backgrounds - environmental NGO, Aboriginal, youth, government, industry and more - will discuss the values they attach to ecosystem services | Sunday Programme
  • Keynote speech and gala dinner (+ party!) on Saturday evening | Saturday Programme
  • More time for RCEN caucus meetings, plus an afternoon networking session with the public | Friday Programme
  • Plus: a special plenary session on a hot topic issue related to water in Quebec

Early-bird registration will be available soon! Stay tuned for more details.

Biodiversity Hotspot #5: It’s Alive or The Secret Life of Dirt

Some of the most naturally fertile soil in Canada can be found in the grasslands of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The rich dark soil is called chernozem and contains a very high percentage of humus (compost). As plants and animals grow and die, they leave behind their minerals and organic materials. Nature’s recyclers - insects, arthropods, earthworms, bacteria and fungi - eat this organic material and make it their home by constantly moving and mixing it. What a life! Read more

RCEN Delegate Selections

This Week's Headlines

Calls for Participation
Canada’s Top 40 Research Priorities for Conservation Policy

Participate in the World Youth Conference, Mexico 2010

Environment Canada Looking for Guidance on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy

Planet in Focus 2010 Call for Submissions Now Open

Action Alerts
CBAN - You can stop GE Alfalfa and Wheat before April 1st

Lights Out Canada in Schools on April 22

Zero Emissions Race 2010

Symposium of the Réseau québécois pour la simplicité volontaire

NB Environmental Network - Events & Youth Outreach Coordinator

Secrétariat des organismes environnementaux du Québec - Coordinator

REAP-Canada - Renewable Energy / Ecological Farming Internships

Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association – Chief Executive Officer

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RCEN e-Bulletin — 17 March 2010

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Network News

March 17th, 2010

Reactions to the 2010 Budget

Since being tabled on March 4th, the 2010 Federal Budget has been widely discussed within the environmental NGO community, with many groups expressing disappointment, several calling it a missed opportunity and others highlighting some positive investments for the environment.

For informational purposes, the RCEN has assembled a list of responses to the 2010 Budget and what it means for the environment, environmental assessments and non-profits in general. Read more

Biodiversity Hotspot #4: In A World Where Intact Wilderness is Rare

The Yukon’s Peel River watershed is one of the largest and most beautiful intact natural areas left in North America. Most of the 68,000 km2 watershed is pristine, and is home to species that are rare or threatened elsewhere.

The watershed is also an ancient cultural landscape and an important fish and wildlife harvesting area for First Nations. Mining and oil and gas extraction threaten to fragment this stunning landscape and harm its delicate ecological balance. Read More

Youth Caucus Logo Contest

The RCEN Youth Caucus is looking for a new logo - you can help...and win big! The deadline for submissions is April 5th. Read more

RCEN 2010 Annual Conference

“Conserving Biodiversity Pays: The Values of Ecosystem Services”

September 17-19, Montreal, QC

This Week's Headlines

Calls for Delegates
Policy Dialogue on the Way Forward on Climate Change Internationally

ENGO International Year of Biodiversity Champions

Survey on Chemical Exposures and Women's Health

Delegate Selections
ENGO Participation in International Biodiversity Day Activities

ENGO Participation in the Food Regulatory Advisory Committee

Consultation on Pollution Prevention Planning Notice in respect to Toluene Diisocyanates

Action Alerts
CBAN - Support Bill C-474 and Canada’s Farmers! Take action today before 5pm

Sierra Club Canada – Save the Blanding’s Turtle

International Year of Biodiversity Factsheets Now Available

Webinar Gender-bending and Environmental Justice
Conference / Webcast - North America's Energy Market: Aligning Policies and Managing Carbon

Summit on Biodiversity and the Greening of Montreal

Pembina Institute - Technical Analyst

Posted March 18, 2010 by Anonymous

Alberta Ecotrust Announces Young Environmental Stewards (YES) Grants

Alberta Ecotrust is delighted to announce the results of its 2010 Young Environmental Stewards (YES) program. With funding support from TransAlta and the help of a volunteer grant review committee of Young Environmental Professionals, the spring round of YES grants is helping nearly a dozen young Albertans convert their environmental passion into action through projects ranging from community gardening to people powered events! The 2010 program garnered 29 applications, of which 11 were funded with a total of $45,334.00.

To read more about the 2010 projects funded by YES, and learn more about the program, click [here] Read more »

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RCEN e-Bulletin — 3 March 2010

Network News

March 3rd, 2010

RCEN Corporate Social Responsibility Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

From March 3-4, the RCEN will be coordinating a multi-stakeholder dialogue on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Ottawa. In addition to the one-day dialogue, this project will help create a discussion paper on CSR in the extractive sector from a Canadian ENGO perspective. It will also permit members of our International Program Caucus to meet in order to develop a Canadian ENGO approach to promoting CSR to support sustainable livelihoods. More

Youth Caucus Announces New Mission and Mandate

The RCEN Youth Caucus is happy to announce its new mission and mandate, as chosen by members of its steering committee and other youth involved in the caucus' activities. The new mission is to support Canadian youth by facilitating and promoting opportunities for them to meaningfully engage in environmental and sustainability initiatives.

The caucus has also released its Youth Mini-Consultation Report, which identifies the strengths and areas for improvement in the national youth environmental movement. Read the Report

Biodiversity Hotspot: Phytoplankton! The Foundation of the Ocean Food Chain

Marine phytoplankton are tiny unicellular marine creatures, of which there are about 5000 different species. Like plants, they use photosynthesis and minerals dissolved in the water to produce energy. Each individual phytoplankton is too small to be seen with the human eye but together they form blooms visible from space. More


RCEN 2010 Annual Conference

“Conserving Biodiversity Pays: The Values of Ecosystem Services”

September 17-19, Montreal, QC Read more »

Posted March 4, 2010 by Anonymous

Edmonton & Area Land Trust Annual Report now online

Please note that EALT has published its 2008-2009 Annual Report viewable via our homepage:, and it will remain on our Resources page.

We invite you all to peruse it. Besides providing information on our accomplishments, which include land securement, outreach, awards and partnerships; it also provides detailed summaries of our activities since we became operational. Read more »

Posted March 3, 2010 by Anonymous

ACEE 2010 Workshop Series: Advancing environmental education and optimizing opportunities for action

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education is pleased to announce that registration is now open for these full-day workshops, and is limited to the first 35 registrants. Register today! Read more »

Posted February 23, 2010 by Anonymous

RCEN e-Bulletin — 17 February 2010

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Network News

February 17th, 2010

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

Whether you’re a Facebook junkie or a manic tweeter, the RCEN wants to connect with you. We don’t judge. Visit our Facebook page to view RCEN photos and videos, start a discussion on an environmental issue in your area or post a message on our wall. Become a fan

Maybe you prefer to communicate 140 characters at a time? Visit our Twitter feed to get the latest RCEN news and be the first to hear about new reports, environmental events, green jobs and more. Follow us

Old Planet, New Actions: Discover the Youth Caucus Newsletter

That’s right - the RCEN Youth Caucus now has its own newsletter! Intended for young Canadians under thirty, ‘Old Planet, New Actions’ shares the latest information on youth-friendly environmental initiatives across Canada and beyond. Sign up today by sending an email to marie-pierre [at] cen-rce [dot] org. Want a sneak peek before signing up? Read the latest edition

Biodiversity Hotspots: Graveyard of the North Atlantic… or not?

Sable Island, a remote sandbar island 150km off the Nova Scotian Coast, has been dubbed the “graveyard of the North Atlantic” because of the over 350 shipwrecks it has caused. While humans and some of our favourite furry mammals have not had much luck living on the island, it is home to 17 plant species and 600 invertebrates! Read more

RCEN 2010 Annual Conference

“Conserving Biodiversity Pays: The Values of Ecosystem Services”
September 17-19, Montreal, QC

This Week's Headlines


Calls for Delegates

Seeking ENGO Participation in International Biodiversity Day Activities

ENGO Participation in the Food Regulatory Advisory Committee

Parks Canada’s National Assessment of Mountain Biking

Calls for Participation

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Review

CSD Outreach Session on Transport, Chemicals, Waste Management, Mining and SCP


Green Budget Coalition Prioritizes 3 Budget Actions

Delegate Selection – Researcher-Writer and Editor for a CSD ENGO Priorities Paper

Delegate Selection - Renewal of the Federal Agenda for the Reduction of VOCs from Consumer and Commercial Products


Docs Talk: A blog on your health and the environment

Canadian School Eco-Fundraising Program

New Report on “The Challenges of Environmental Mainstreaming”

Ideal North’s Online ENGO Donation Program


Start Organizing for the 2012 Earth Summit


ForestEthics – Climate Director

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RCEN e-Bulletin — 3 February 2010

Network News

February 3rd, 2010

Mark Your Calendars: the RCEN’s 2010 Conference is this September 17-19

The RCEN is pleased to announce that its 2010 Annual General Assembly and Conference on the Environment will be held in Montreal, from September 17-19.

The theme of this year’s event is “Conserving Biodiversity Pays: The Values of Ecosystem Services”. The organizing committee is working hard to deliver an even bigger and better event than last year’s successful AGA in Edmonton! We’ll be in touch with more details soon. In the meantime, visit our 2010 Annual Conference website to learn more about this year’s theme.

Attention Biodiversity Fans... Bookmark this Site!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the RCEN’s International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) website. The site features a regularly updated news feed, with the latest information from Environment Canada, the Convention on Biological Diversity and other interesting articles. The new website also includes links to biodiversity and IYB-related information, educational resources and materials produced by the RCEN, such as the Best Practices Handbook. You can also sign up for our Biodiversity Buzz newsletter!

Biodiversity Hotspots: Meat eating plants and over 50 species of butterflies—in Northern Ontario!? Read more

If you wish to share a story about a biodiversity hotspot in your area, please send a short paragraph to jessie [at] cen-rce [dot] org.

Last chance to tell us what you think of the RCEN website

The RCEN is currently conducting an evaluation of its website and e-Bulletin. Please take 5-7 minutes to share your feedback and ideas so that we can improve our online presence and serve you better. Complete the survey Read more »

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