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Bill 50 - A Curious Solution to Transmission Problems

18 Nov 2009

There is no doubt that electricity transmission planning and approval in Alberta faces challenges, including difficulty responding to public concern. Bill 50 - the Electric Statutes Amendment Act - is the most recent attempt to address these challenges. However, not everyone agrees that Bill 50 will work.

"Bill 50 is a curious solution because it doesn't fix the overall transmission process or address bigger problems in assessing transmission need," says Laura Bowman, Staff Counsel at the Edmonton-based Environmental Law Centre. Read more »

Posted November 20, 2009 by Anonymous

ERCB Sour Gas Suspension. Who Speaks for Wildlife in Gas Applications?

10 Nov 2009

The recent Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB) decision to suspend approval of future sour gas projects in Alberta raises important questions around who is, or should be, considered as "directly affected" by energy proposals. Read more »

Posted November 11, 2009 by Anonymous

Tough Choices Ahead for South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

15 Oct 2009

If the quality of our environment in Southern Alberta is to be maintained in future, then the province's South Saskatchewan Regional Plan will have to make some hard choices in determining limits and thresholds to human activity.

This is the principal finding in a new Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) report released today. The report, Conservation Recommendations for the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, makes a series of recommendations to the South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council, as the Alberta government's Land‐Use Framework planning process begins to unfold in southern Alberta. Read more »

Posted October 20, 2009 by Anonymous

Coalition Launches Green Ribbon Campaign

14 Sep 2009
The Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta (CNFA), comprised of a number of Alberta grassroots organizations, launched its province-wide Green Ribbon campaign today to try and convince the provincial government that investing in green renewable energy sources is the right choice for meeting our future electricity needs rather than the the costly and risky nuclear option being considered.

"The government has stated it will set policy on nuclear before the end of the fall sitting of the Legislature," says Adele Boucher Rymhs, President of the Coalition.

Posted September 22, 2009 by Anonymous

Court ruling demonstrates oil sands review process broken

Judge rules ERCB not required to review Shell’s failure to follow through on pollution limits
28 Aug 2009

Calgary, Alberta — An Alberta court decision that permits the Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB) to ignore Royal Dutch Shell's breach of written agreements made to obtain regulatory approval signals a likely end to collaborative approaches in the oil sands.

Posted September 1, 2009 by Anonymous

Alberta government urged to stand fast on grizzly hunt suspension

26 Aug 2009

Alberta environmentalists (including Alberta Wilderness Associatiion, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Sierra Club Canada and UTSB Research) are hoping that the Alberta government will resist concerted lobbying efforts to introduce a spring grizzly bear hunt. Rather the government should heed the advice of its own scientists, who have consistently emphasized that such a hunt would not be sustainable. Read more »

Posted September 1, 2009 by Anonymous

Will Saskatchewan Oil Sands be a Carbon Copy of Alberta’s Mistakes?

Comprehensive new report outlines risks of poorly managed oil sands development and proposes a new approach
13 Aug 2009
Saskatoon — Oil sands development in Saskatchewan should be paused immediately so that appropriate planning and regulatory processes can be put in place before further development occurs, says a report released today by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) in conjunction with the Pembina Institute and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. The report, Carbon Copy: Preventing Oil Sands Fever in Saskatchewan, outlines key steps that would be required to ensure any oil sands development proceeds responsibly.

Posted August 13, 2009 by Anonymous

New Alberta protected wilderness after 10 years?

Alberta opens door to first new protected wilderness in a decade
6 Aug 2009
Edmonton -   For the first time in 10 years, the Alberta government is giving the green light to creating new protected wilderness areas in the province -- a move being welcomed by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). The region that will be affected is the Athabasca heartland, where oils sands developments threaten one of Alberta’s last strongholds of ecological integrity.

Posted August 6, 2009 by Anonymous

Pembina Reacts: AERI Reports on Oil Sands Emissions

23 Jul 2009
Dan Woynillowicz, spokesperson for the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to the release by the Alberta Energy Research Institute of two new analyses comparing the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from oil sands and other sources of crude oil:

“These reports reaffirm that producing and burning oil from the oil sands results in up to 45 per cent more greenhouse gas emissions relative to some sources of conventional crude oil. Read more »

Posted July 23, 2009 by Anonymous

Consumers Get Help in Choosing Carbon Offsets

16 Jul 2009

Canadians heading off for summer vacation will have some help in making their holidays more environmentally friendly, thanks to a new guide ranking carbon offsets and vendors that encourages consumers to choose the highest quality carbon offsets. Read more »

Posted July 20, 2009 by Anonymous

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