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Last Dance for Sage-grouse?

Just 13 Male Birds Remain in Alberta, as Recovery Fails

1 Sep 2011

In 2011, just thirteen male greater sage-grouse were counted in Alberta. Without emergency action to protect sage-grouse habitat, the species will die out in Alberta, and the finger of blame will be pointed squarely at provincial and federal governments which have failed to act. Read more »

Posted September 1, 2011 by AEN

Alberta's Native Prairie Sell-Off is Back

31 Aug 2011

On August 30, the Alberta government again placed 16,000 acres of Cypress County native grassland up for sale for conversion to intensive irrigation agricultural use. These are all the same lands that were pulled from an impending secretive sale last November after widespread public criticism. Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) believes these lands should remain as public native grasslands where well-managed ranching and grassland-dependent wildlife species can co-exist. Read more »

Posted September 1, 2011 by AEN

Revised Draft of Lower Athabasca Regional Plan highlights Alberta’s Cavalier attitude towards environmental protection and Indigenous Rights

30 Aug 2011

Edmonton — Alberta’s Government’s Department of Sustainable Resource Develop released their latest draft of the disputed Lower Athabasca Region Plan (LARP) leaving little to be desired by both environmental groups and First Nations alike. Previous draft’s had both groups unanimously agreeing that LARP left loopholes allowing for exemptions to environmental standards and led to a further degradation of constitutionally protected treaty rights. Read more »

Posted August 30, 2011 by AEN

Updated Northeast Alberta Plan Confirms Weak Conservation Measures Favouring Oilsands Development

29 Aug 2011

The Alberta government's updated Draft Lower Athabasca Regional Plan confirms irresponsible tar sands development by postponing all land disturbance limits and biodiversity goals, and by actually reducing already insufficient proposed protected woodland caribou habitat. Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) believes the plan should contain clear land disturbance and biodiversity targets, including meaningful woodland caribou habitat protection. Read more »

Posted August 30, 2011 by AEN

Pembina reacts to revised draft of Lower Athabasca Regional Plan

29 Aug 2011

CALGARY — Jennifer Grant, director of the Pembina Institute's oilsands program, made the following statement in response to the release today of a revised draft of the Government of Alberta's Lower Athabasca Regional Plan: Read more »

Posted August 30, 2011 by AEN

Pembina reacts to draft Woodland Caribou Recovery Strategy

26 Aug 2011

CALGARY — Simon Dyer, policy director with the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to the Government of Canada's release of a draft recovery strategy for woodland caribou:

"By allowing 95 per cent of woodland caribou habitat in northeastern Alberta to be lost, the Government of Canada is proposing that Canadians 'write off' virtually all the habitat that supports Alberta's caribou herds in order to promote irresponsible levels of oilsands development.

Read more »

Posted August 26, 2011 by AEN

Federal Government Writes Off Alberta Caribou

War on Wolves Goes National

26 Aug 2011

A long overdue federal woodland caribou recovery strategy released today allows ongoing habitat loss at the hands of Alberta’s energy and forestry industries. For the weakest herds in Alberta and across Canada, it leaves the only key management tool as the killing of thousands of wolves. Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) finds this approach unacceptable within Species at Risk Act obligations, and calls for habitat protection and restoration for herds throughout their current distribution. Read more »

Posted August 26, 2011 by AEN

Proposed caribou recovery strategy violates SARA

26 Aug 2011

EDMONTON — The federal government’s draft woodland caribou recovery strategy — released today, four years overdue — is illegal and fails on multiple fronts to comply with requirements under the Species at Risk Act, Ecojustice said today.

“This is not a recovery plan. This is barely a survival plan,” said Melissa Gorrie, Ecojustice staff lawyer. “SARA requires that recovery plans be based in science, but this plan clearly prioritizes political and industrial interests over that of the animals it is supposed to protect.” Read more »

Posted August 26, 2011 by AEN

Pembina reacts to new federal regulations for coal-fired electricity

19 Aug 2011

Edmonton, AB — Tim Weis, Director of Renewable Energy and Efficiency, made the following statement in response to today's announcement by Environment Minister Peter Kent regarding federal regulations for greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired electricity:  Read more »

Posted August 19, 2011 by AEN

Alberta’s Woodland Caribou in Peril

Newly-revealed Documents Show Scientists Trying to Sound the Alarm

18 Aug 2011

The plight of Alberta’s woodland caribou has become so desperate that Alberta government scientists are recommending that the species be downgraded from a threatened species to an endangered species, according to newly‐released documents. Although the province’s Scientific Subcommittee recommended the downgrading nearly a year ago, still the government is failing to act. Read more »

Posted August 18, 2011 by AEN

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