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Edmonton's 9th Annual Eco-Solar Home Tour

Jun 7 2008 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Eco-Solar Home Tour

Concerned about the recent announcement of the natural gas price going up by 70%? Now is the time to get ready for it by becoming energy efficient before everyone else joins the rush.

We have a great line up of sites this year, showing solar power, solar water heating, geothermal heating, energy efficiency, and what you can easily do to make your home heating, electricity and water bills plummet, along with your contribution to our province's air pollution.

There are 7 sites on the tour this year — we could have easily had 30! 4 sites are new.

The tour is free and is open to the public. All of the sites are visited as an open house. We will have an Edmonton Transit bus to tour to three of the sites. See our web site at for all the details.

The Tour will be the feature on Global TV's Morning Show (Channel 13, Cable 8) with Lorraine Mansbridge from 7am to 9am on Monday June 2.

Public presentation evening

When: Thursday June 5, 7pm
Cost: Free, no need to register
Where: Telus World of Science, 11211 142 Street
Details: See here.

Tour Sponsors:

Tour Site Summary:

see for details

1. Trimline Renewable Energy Training Centre

  • 6772 99 Street,
  • Courses in solar electricity, solar water heating, microwind, drain water heat recovery, grey water heat recovery and recycling, make your own biodiesel, straw bale house construction, geothermal heating, carbon footprint reduction.

Learn: How the technologies work up close; how they can be applied and installed on your house; what they cost.

Learn: Come hear Stephen Farrell from Verdatech,, at 11:00am on how to get a government grant to help with the costs of your home energy renovations, where to start in becoming greener, and making your home much more energy efficient.

2. Mills Geothermal Home Retrofit

  • 10821 79 Avenue, web site:
  • Geothermal heat in a 1949 home. No natural gas bills. See web site for photos and description of heat pump and house renovations.

Learn: How a heat pump works, costs, savings, what the owner learned in doing it.

3. Chamberlin Eco-scaped Yard

  • 10724 60 Avenue
  • Sustainably-landscaped yard by owner for security in water and in high quality, sustainable, locally grown organic food.

Learn: What plants to choose for sustainability and food; how to look after them; what they cost.

4. Riverdale Elementary School — Touch and Learn Eco-Fair

  • 8901 101 Avenue
  • Bring your kids. Solar Energy Society demonstration trailer with operational solar power and solar heating systems for up close viewing, plant swap, durable Alberta native plants for your yard, crafts with your kids and lots more.

Learn: Ride the bicycle generator. Touch and feel solar power, solar heating, and solar ovens. Learn about composting, water secure rain barrels.

5. Riverdale NetZero Energy Home

  • 9926 87 Street
  • The house produces all its own heat and electricity on an annual basis. No natural gas line. Electricity bill expected to be $0 to $200 per year.

Learn: How ultra-efficient walls and ceilings are built. How solar power and solar heating supplies all the heat and electricity in the house. How sustainable materials and finishes give durability and high quality indoor air. Learn about net zero energy design, water efficiency, drain water heat recovery, ventilation with heat recovery. What was learned over the first winter's heating season.

6. Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit

  • 9530 75 Avenue
  • Great example of a house energy efficiency renovation. Added new high-efficiency furnace, insulated attic to R50, added insulation to exterior walls, partly upgraded the basement insulation.
  • Next steps: insulate vaulted ceiling, add an air-heat recovery ventilator, insulate rest of basement, upgrade windows, add solar water heating.

Learn: How did they do this? What does a house energy audit give you; how to reduce your energy bills; what are the best things to do first; how to make a plan; find out where the energy trouble spots are in a house; how to get a government cheque to help with the costs!

7. Effect Homes Energy Efficient Show Home

  • 14504 MacKenzie Drive
  • Brand new R-2000-certified, energy efficient sound-proof heat-comfortable show home with solar domestic water heating, integrated concrete forms (ICF) walls and radiant floor heating.

Learn: How to integrate energy efficiency and solar domestic hot water into a new home's plans. How ICF works. How radiant floor heating works.


Various locations Edmonton, AB

Posted May 30, 2008 by Anonymous

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