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The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) has been active and growing in Alberta since 1980. Membership in the AEN is open to Alberta-based non-profit, non-governmental organizations demonstrating sincere concern and action toward a healthier environment. The AEN does not currently accept individual memberships. The AEN's membership policy can be downloaded here.

Any group that becomes a member in the AEN automatically becomes a member in the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN), and is eligible to participate in CEN consultations and functions. Currently, CEN has close to 800 member organizations.

Goals of the Alberta Environmental Network

The AEN's purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information and resources among member groups, and to assist them in the taking of common action. AEN shares information with the general public and, where warranted, interested stakeholders. AEN facilitates member group meetings and the participation of member groups in meetings and consultation with government and/or industry. Because AEN acts as an impartial facilitator for its varied member groups, it remains apolitical and does not take stands on substantive issues, stands that would imply the assent of all member organizations.

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