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The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of groups throughout the province dedicated to helping preserve and protect Alberta's environment. The AEN's purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information & resources among member groups, and to assist them in taking common action. AEN also promotes awareness of environmental issues & activities with stakeholders & the general public. AEN facilitates member group meetings and the participation of member groups in meetings and consultation with government and/or industry. Check out Field Notes for the latest news, events & action alerts from the AEN & our member groups.


Organic Food Co-op in Edmonton

From: Dave Parker, Vegetarians of Alberta

I recently became aware of a web site promoting organic foods and hope to have an article in the upcoming LEADING VEG for autumn 2004. The idea is a co-op as you will see by going to the following website at Read more »

Posted August 5, 2004 by russ

Last Chance for Corridors in the Bow Valley: Say "No" to the Three Sisters Mountain Village Plan

From: Dave Poulton, Executive Director
Calgary/Banff Chapter, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Below is an important Action Alert from Heather Macfadyen respecting the current development plans of Three sisters Mountain Village. The maintenace of functional wildlife corridors through the Bow Valley has been a major focus of the work of CPAWS and other conservation organizations for many years. As Three Sisters has the opportunity to develop the single largest piece of undeveloped land in the valley, stretching for 13 kilometres along the west side of the valley between Quarry Lake and Wind Valley, the pattern of development they choose to follow is critical to the future of wildlife movement. Please take the time to write a letter and to attend the public hearing on August 17. Read more »

Posted August 4, 2004 by russ

Draft Ambient Air Quality Objectives for Ammonia and Pentachlorophenol

The Draft Objectives for Ammonia and Pentachlorophenol are now available on the Alberta Environment website with a 60 day comment period. The final Assessment documents are also there. The draft objectives and information or where to submit comments can be found here. Read more »

Posted August 3, 2004 by russ

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